Chris Fehn Net Worth

Chris had made his career as an American Musician, and he is also known as the best three percussionists for the heavy metals band Slipknot. He had worked with Joey Jordison and Shawn Crahan. He had also worked as the bassist for the Will Haven. He is number 3 among the American Musicians. He had given the different names through which he was called out. He had also worked on various labels and with other artists.

Chris Fehn’s Early Life

When Chris was born, he was named Christopher Michael Fehn. He was brought down on this earth on 24th February 1973. He landed in Des Moines, Iowa, But he was raised in Ankeny, Iowa. He had the ancestry of The Norwegian Ancestry and the theme of their culture. When he was a child, he had r to know Kicker in the football team. He was also part of the football team in his school. In the beginning, he didn’t have the plan of taking an interest in the music. He was part of the Wayne State University football team. After that, he joined the Band in the time of August and September. He had replaced a Singer and entered the band.

Chris Fehn’s Career

He had started his career by participating in the band. He had replaced a Bassist whose name was Brandon Darner. He was in the lead because of his talent. He had also sung the song in many concerts, which led to the Band Slipknot trending to the number one position. Besides all of these, he was a Golfer. He had the Band 2006 DVD named Voliminal: Inside The Nine. He was called out by different names such as #3, Mr Fehn, Mr Zutzut, Mr Picklenose, Boshet Man, Dicknose, Long Nose, Evil Pinocchio. He had worked with genres such as Heavy metal, Alternative Metal, and Nu Metal. He had the knowledge of different instruments such as percussion, bass, and vocals. He had also worked in different label such as Roadrunner and Nuclear Blast. He had made his collaboration with other artists such as Slipknot, Thunderbolt, Gasoline, Shedd, Will Heaven, and Phil Wizzo Campbell. He had done some of the movies Welcome to our Neighbourhood, Slipknot Generation Z, Disasterpieces, Rollerball, Slipknot, Volimnal: Inside The Nine, Nine: The Making Of all hope Is gone, Of The: Your Nightmares, Our Dreams Officer Downe, Day of the guano: Live in Mexico. He had made some the albums such as Slipknot, Iowa, Vol3: The Subliminal Verses, 9.0 live All Hope is Gone, .5:The Gray Chapter. He had made the album with Will Haven with Voir Dire. He had made the album such as Antennas To Hell. 

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Chris Fehn’s Personal Life

In his early time, before working as a musician, he worked as an electrician. In 2012, on 23rd March, Fehn son’s was taken down on this earth, and he became a proud father. In the year 2019, he broke out with Slipknot. But the information which we present on the website.

Chris Fehn’s Net Worth

He holds a net worth of $8 million, which he had gained from the albums he had made in his career timeline. 

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