Scotty Sire was brought down on the earth on 1st April 1992. He had chosen a career in Youtube. He usually posts comedy videos on his Youtube Chanel. He got his popularity when he had posted a short comedy skit on Youtube. Then again, he had collaborated with many other artists. He gained many subscribers on his Youtube Channel. Rather than doing Youtube, he had also done many music videos.

Early Life

He was taken down in the land of Newport Beach, which was present in California. The name of his parents are still unknown, and he had sibling whose name is Davey Sire, Kevin Sire, Lukas Sire, Dorian Sire. He holds the religion of Christianity. His mother holds the ancestry of Lebanese. He was very much shy and had less confidence within himself in his childhood. When he was small, he used To work with his father in a construction company. Then he evacuated the job and became the Bartender. Then he started uploading videos on Youtube and got much love from them. He had completed his schooling at Edison High School of Newport Beach, in California. He had taken birth from Crossen Sire and Davey. He has a mixed ancestry of Irish and Lebanese. When he was 18 years old, he had done tattoos because he liked the fashion of Tattoo. He had done his graduation from the Carleton University of Ottawa.


When he was doing the work as the Bartender, he had started the Youtube Channel. He had uploaded the 6 seconds videos on Youtube and got much popularity to the video. After gaining more Fandom after the video went viral. He earned his collaboration done with the Vine Star, known as Gabrielle Hanah, Darius Benson, and bad collaborated with his roommate, Gary Rojas. In his videos, he had made videos with his mother. Rather than going to Youtube Videos, he had also done some films known as Summer Forever, which got released in the Year 2015, The Pizza Guy, which got released in the Year 2016, and in FML in the yEar 2016. He used to post comedy videos on his Youtube Channel. In 2013, he gained 1.5 million subscribers on his Youtube channel. He had gained a silver play button and gold play button for his Youtube Channel. He had 2.88 million and had 570 Videos and had 460 million views on his Channel. He has gained the Popular blogger of the Year in the 10th Annual Shorty Awards. In 2018 he had done the album known as “Ruin Your Hand .”His primary income source of income is Youtube Income.

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Personal Life

He was in a relationship with Alexandria. They dated each other for some time and parted ways. Then he was in relation with Kristen Mc Tree. Their relationship didn’t stand long, and they also parted ways. He said that there was no spark in the relationship in an interview. That’s why they broke up.

Net Worth

He holds a total net worth of $2 million, which he gained from his Youtube Career and the films and albums he had done.

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