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Danny Carey Net Worth

Danny had taken his profession as a musician and a songwriter. He was the unit of the American Band, which was named Tool. He collaborated with many artists such as Zaum Green Jello, Pigface, Skinny Puppy, Adrian Belew, and many such albums. He is counted as the best 100 drummers by Rolling Stone. He was in the 26th Position as a drummer in the magazines.

Early Life

When he was born, he was given Daniel Edwin Carey. She was brought down on a piece of earth on 10th May 1961. She was born down on this earth on the land of Lawrence, which is Kansas, US. When he was only ten years old, he used to take drum classes. After two years of his drum classes, he practiced his drum set. When he was in his school, he was a member of his school band. He was the band of the school jazz band. After completing his studies from high school, his news of playing drums was spread throughout college time. He had done his college at the University of Missouri -Kansas City. He used to manage his passion, studies, and drum playing. He used to play the drums in the Jazz Scene in Kansas City. One of his friends persuaded him to leave lists city and decided to move where he wanted. He had played with many artists such as Carole King and had given the live performance with Pigmy Love Circus. He was very much influenced by many other drummers, such as Billy Cobham, Lenny White, Neil Peart, Tony Williams, John Bonham, and Tim Alexander.


He had done his signature with his drumstick, which Vic Firth designs. Earlier, he used to work with Trueline Drumstick for his signature. He had used various kinds of drums such as Evans Drumheads, Hammerax. He also used electronic devices such as Mandala, Krog, and Roland. He made his team with Paiste and Jeff Ocheltree. They had made the drum set out of the waste. He had gained immense popularity among the drummers and non-drummers. He had even learned Tabla by Alok Dutta. He was featured in many magazines. He had worked under Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock, Heavy metal, Art Rock, Alternative Metal, Hard Rock, Jazz Fusion, Experimental Rock. He knew various instruments such as Drums, Percussion, Tabla, Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer. He used to work in different labels such as Zoo and Volcano II. He had made his affiliation with many other artist such as Tool, Pigmy Love Circus, Volto, Zaum, Green Jello, Primus and the legend of the Seagullmen, and many more artists. 

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Personal Life

He was dating Sabine Carey in the year 1997. He had no children. But currently, he is single and curse toy more focused in his career.

Net Worth

He owns the $50 million earned from his musical career and hard work.

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