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What is Donald trump’s Net Worth?

Early life

The date of birth of Donald Trump, the most famous President of the US is June 14, 1946. He work born in the New York city. He got to earn a degree from Fordham University. After completing the studies, he got into the family business.

Personal life

When it comes to the personal life of this famous person, he got married to Ivana when was 30 years old and the couple is blessed with three children. However, the couple got separated in 1992 and later he got married to Marla Maples. It is another failed married for him. Now, he is with MelaniaKnauss. The children from these three marriages are working with him in the political house or taking care of the business.

Trump is the best businessman who has seen success in all the businesses that he took over and earned huge profits in all. After completing the graduation, he got to learn the family business, i.e. .real Estate Company. He worked as a television personality and was the highest paid person a few years ago.


With the graduation degree in hand, he never got to look for jobs out as he has family business to take care. He got into the real-estate business and was involved closely in all the domestic and international construction projects. He is known to be the real-estate mogul of US. He took a switch in the career from real-estate developer to a TV personality. He came into the limelight with the show, The celebrity apprentice. There is a catch frame which went viral and was in the tongue of many people still today is “you are fired”. With the interest in politics, he came into politics and expressed many doubts on Barak Obama. He was one of the contenders for the presidential election that was held in 2016. The campaign went on a fire and has expressed aggressive view about the Migrants from Mexico and Islamic radicalization. These two helped him get a lot of votes from the public. However the slogans that were used by him are not accepted by the political parties and back lashed him.


He won many awards in the political and entertainment world. He got the award as the Time Person of the year in 2016. He got honorary doctorate degrees in law and business administration and so on. 

Net worth

The net worth of Donald Trump is USD 4 billion. He made a hefty amount of money as a business man and took over the empire built by his father further more. He also earned a huge amount of money through television shows. The remuneration that he used to get for the celebrity apprentice is USD 60 million. He is involved in many controversies for expressing views on immigration and terrorism.

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