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Doug Demuro Net Worth

If you are a car lover, you must know about Doug Demuro as he creates videos related to car reviews. Doug is an automotive YouTuber and creates posts videos about different cars. He is an American and currently lives in San Diego, California. His YouTube channel has more than 30 lacs subscribers, and mainly reviews top cars on his channel.

He also started a website in the year 2020, where he runs an auction for cars, and all car lovers are invited to place their bids. Before becoming a successful YouTuber, he also wrote articles for different automobile blogs and websites and worked as an editor for the Autotrader.com blog.

Early life

Douglas was born in Denver, Colorado, on 22nd May 1988. He grew up at his birthplace and completed his higher education from the George Washington High School. He went to Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, for his graduations and got a degree in Economics from there. He also worked as a resident advisor there for some time, and it was when he met his wife and fell in love with her. He joined Porsche and performed really well, which made him earn the post of Manager at such a young age.

Despite having a well-reputed job in Porsche, he left it for his passion for writing articles about cars. He wrote for several blogs and websites and lastly started his own Automotive YouTube channel.

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Career beginning

Douglas embarked on his career by writing articles for car blogs, and at the same time, he worked at the North American Headquarters of Porsche in Atlanta. He worked with Porsche for one year, and in the year 2013, he left his job and focused on starting a career in Automotive content writing. He wrote articles for several blogs and also wrote two books, which were launched in 2013. He included some interesting personal car stories in the book and revealed some surprising facts about his thinking about cars.

The biggest turn in his career came in 2016 when he thought of posting his car reviews on YouTube along with writing columns and articles. He reviews almost every type of car on his YouTube channel, starting from the 1970’s classic car to the modern cars of 2020, such as the Tesla Model 3, Ford GT, Ferrari F40, etc. In his review videos, he first explains the exterior looks of the car and then moves on to the interiors, features, and specialties. He also takes a test drive himself so that he can give honest and accurate reviews.

Personal Life

DeMuro has a wife with whom he is presently living in San Diego, California.First, he used to live in Philadelphia, then he moved to Southern California in 2018, and now he is living in San Diego. Douglas has owned more than 25 cars and has also reviewed most of them on his YouTube channel.

Net Worth

Doug Demuro Net worth is around $3 million at present. He has a massive collection of cars, and along with that, he has also launched an auction website named; Cars & Bids, which has provided him a new source of income.

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