The casino industry is one of the most exciting business ventures to get into. The glamour and flamboyance that the industry portrays can get anyone attracted to it very easily. People have been demonstrating such increased attention towards getting a job in this business because casinos never ever offer a single moment of dullness. They are packed with action 24 by 7.

Though the coronavirus induced lockdown has prompted several casino businesses to go online, many job offers are still on the market. For eg: Norway has a heavily regulated industry of online and offline casinos. And customers are always attracted to this venture. Many prefer to play casinos online while others tend to visit land-based casinos and enjoy.

Some of the most exciting careers in the affair of gambling and the casino industry are:

Gaming Surveillance Officer

The job profile of a gaming surveillance officer includes patrolling the casino floor from their observation rooms. They mostly keep an eye on the casino electronically but also visit the floor personally several times. The job of the surveillance officer constitutes long working hours as casinos tend to offer their services 24 by 7.

The educational qualifications required for this job are a high school diploma or an equivalent degree. The job pays an average salary of $12 per hour.


This job profile includes standing at the gaming tables and providing the players with gaming props, cards, chips, or operating the games. They are furthermore furnished with the responsibility of handing out prize money, handling lots of money and giving chips and play money to the players. They are also responsible for calculating winning hands.

People aiming to get this job need to attend dealer school beforehand. While some casinos do take up the expense and initiative of sending their employees to dealer school to get proper training, some casinos provide fresh openings for the same.

Clothing style and one’s personality also plays an important factor in it. The average payment of a dealer is $10 per hour. This might seem really less but the dealers mostly rely on the earnings that come through tips from the guests.

Pit Boss

These are managers of the casinos. An entire casino is divided or separated into several areas. A particular area as such is called a pit. Hence, a pit boss is responsible for all the business transactions taking place in that pit. They are also responsible for everyone that works below them in that area and report back directly to the casino management.

To secure this job, one needs to have on-field experience in addition to special training in the field of casino management. The average salary of a pit boss is $60000 to $70000. Although, it varies from casino to casino.


The basic job profile of a concierge is to take care of the guests of a casino or a hotel. He must greet them, look after their needs, give them directions if needed and deal with property issues if any such thing arises. However, they do have a prominent role in the gaming operations of casinos.

You need to have a high school diploma or an equivalent degree in order to attain the job of a concierge. In addition to these, you need to have extensive training in the hospitality industry.

Security Guard

The job profile of a security guard is to protect the casino’s property from theft, vandalism, or any other sort of illegal activity. This job also requires long working hours.

One needs to have a high school diploma or an equivalent degree to secure the job of a security guard at a casino. Additional defence training is a plus point but not a compulsion as such. The average salary is $10 per hour. This goes on to increase with the experience. If you enjoyed it, why not check out more content from the author, Benjamin Reppersen.


This job is pretty much self-explanatory. The job profile is to tend to the drinking needs of the guests. Many casinos also ask for their bartenders to put on an entertaining show for the customers.

Bartenders must have a certification from the state where they are serving alcohol. Furthermore, they earn somewhat $10 per hour and also get a large number of tips from the customers.


Jobs in the casino industry have something new and exciting to offer on a daily basis. You meet new people and get a chance at socialising with everyone. Opting for a career in this venture might not be a bad idea at all.

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