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Iggy Pop Net Worth

Iggy had made his career as a musician and a singer, and a songwriter. He was given the title of the “Godfather of Punk”. He is the lead vocalist of the band named “The Stooges”. The band was formed in the year 1967. The band was divided and included many moments. He had styled the genre of Rock and roll in the round. When he was there, he had made collaborated with many artists. 

Iggy pop’s Early Life

Iggy was not born with the name Iggy. His original name is James Newell Osterberg. He was brought down on this earth on 21st April 1947. He was taken to the Louella Christensen and James Newell Osterberg. His father works as an English teacher and Baseball coach of the team of the school in Fordson High School. His father belongs to German and Irish Descent ancestry. His mother belongs to Danish and Norwegian ancestry. When his father was small, he was being adopted by a Swedish and an American Nurse. In his childhood, his family took a Trailer Park in Ypsilanti, Michigan. When he was small, he didn’t have any of the bad habits. He used to hang out with the popular youngsters who would have Chinos, cashmere Sweaters and many of the high-end products. When he was in the fifth class, he used to play the guitar with the rubber pads, which was stocked with glue. 

Iggy Pop’s Career

He had initiated his career as a drummer in the high school band. He was part of a band named The Iguanas. He had cut the records by Bo Diddleh’s Mona. He searched the local styles of the band, which was The Primers Movers. He had hoped the bar when he was only 18 years old. He didn’t complete his graduation and dropped in between them. He shifted to another place and plated drums there. He had worked under several genres such as Rock, Punk Rock, Proto Punk, Hard Rock. He had the knowledge of Vocals, guitars, and Drums. He had also worked under several labels such as Caroline International, Loma Vista, Virgin, RCA, Elektra, A&M. He had worked with many other artist such as The Stooges, The Trolls, The Iguanas, David Bowie, Josh Homme, Debbie Harry, Underworld and many moartistsist. He had many albums such as The Idiot, Lust for life, Kill City, New Values, Soldier, Party, Zombie Birdhouse, Instinct, Brick by Brick, American Caesar, Naughty little. Doggie, Preliminaries, Apres and Many more albums. He had won the Creem magazine Awards for Comeback of the Year and Punk of the year. He had also won the award for the Hall of Fame in Kerrang Award. 

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Iggy pop’s Personal Life

His personal life is quite interesting. Hass been is marrfor about three times. F, first he got hitched with Wendy Weissberg in the year 1968. Then he got married to Suchi Asano in the year 1984. After that, he got married to Nina Aluin in the year 2008. 

Iggy Pop’s Net Worth

He holds a total net worth of $20 million which he had got from the musical career that he had made during his career timeline. 

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