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Shannon Briggs Net Worth

Shannon had made his career as a Professional Boxer. He had participated in the heavyweight championship. He had won the title of lineal title from 1997 and 1998. He had also won the WBO title the 2006 and 2007. Most of the recognition got from punching power and aggression possessing at the 88.3 %. He had the best hands in the heavyweight champions and won many titles in his career. 

Shannon Briggs’s Early life

Shannon was brought down in this earth as “The Cannon”, The Brownsville Yeti. He was Brought down on this earth in Brooklyn, New York. When he was small, he was homeless. When he was only 12 years old, he was glad to meet Mike Tyson in Bristol Park, Brooklyn, New York. When h was oy 17 years old, he started to get training from Jimmy o Pharrow Starrett city Boxing club in Brooklyn. While he was small, he was diagnosed with Asthma. While he was small, his mother died in Brownsville. She died due to an overdose of drugs. She died on four the December of 1996. She died on the 25th of his birthday. He holds the nationality of American.

Shannon Briggs’s Career

He used to take training from James OO Farrell. He had started his career in the Starrett City Boxing Club. He had done heavyweight division in the 210 lbs. He also had York City Gloves Champions. He had participated in Pan American Games in the year 1991. He had made his entry into the finals. He had won the silver medal by not fighting any fight. He got lost by the the the final in the Felix Savon. He was the winner of the 1991 daily News Golden Gloves superheavyweight Title. He had won 68 matches, and he had won all 60 fights. He had won the KO By Win 53. He had lost around of 6 matches. The March which was draw is around 1 match. He had done many films such as Bad Boys II, Transporter 2, three days To Vegas, The Wackness. He had done the television appearance in the Naked Sport, New York Undercover, Trina: The making of A Diamond Princess, Quite Frankly With Stephen A Smith. He had won the gold medal in 1992 Colorado Springs in Heavyweight. He had won the silver medal in the Pan American games in Heavyweight. He had made the album which was known as “The Score”. He had appeared in music albums for the rapper named Christin Howl. He had made the album which was known as Surrounded by Criminals.

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Shannon Briggs’s Personal Life

He got married to Alana Wilson. She is the love of her life. He reveals everyone with her in the hospital. There is no child of the couple toe.

Shannon Briggs’s Net Worth

He had a net worth of $10 million which he had gained from the heavyweight lifter and the professional kickboxing boxer. He had gained from the immense love of the audience. 

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