Is it good to use Cladding Panels in Rooms

In this article, you will get information about cladding panels and try to find out whether it is good to use them in rooms and walls.

Before discussing cladding, you should know what cladding is. Cladding is a process in which one layer is imposed over another, which acts as a protective layer, look enhancer, sound protector, and many other functions. It also helps the buildings and walls more impenetrable to cracks caused by temperature or climate change and water absorption, sunlight, and all kinds of pollution compared to non-clad structures.

Nowadays, most building construction uses cladding as it has the advantage of low maintenance, it acts as sound & heatproof, protects the building or rooms from all types of wet crack and excessive heat or cold. Using cladding panels in both exterior and interior saves money in the long term.

Types of Cladding Panels

Wall Cladding can be of different types, forms, different materials, textures, and dimensions. Cladding can be applied both in inside walls of rooms and exterior building walls. It can be fiberglass, rock wool insulation, vinyl, PVC, or stones. In any case, it has so many advantages which we will discuss in detail now.

Advantages of Cladding Panels

It’s a wise and cost-effective decision to use cladding panels in rooms as it has several advantages. Some of them are here below for your better understanding.

● Cladding increases the mechanical strength of any structure, and it also offers an additional layer of protection.

● provides aesthetics to the room well as gives a perfect finish and look. Overall we can say using cladding panels in rooms enhances the overall value of the room.

● One of the most benefits of the cladding panel is lower the overall maintenance cost as this requires infrequent maintenance and repairing. 

● installing the cladding panels improves thermal insulation, which is a handy feature as it acts as a natural insulator.

● Thermal insulation provides your room with a heat insulation layer that helps in natural insulation and saves a lot of money in terms of energy bills.

● Cladding panels can also make a room soundproof, which is another beneficial feature. A soundproof room is required for many uses such as for studio, office and many more.

● You can make your wall waterproof by using PVC wall cladding. Plastic cladding also lets free from the worry of painting the walls frequently. Using plastic cladding in the bathroom and kitchen gives an excellent waterproofing feature that requires very low or zero maintenance.

Points to Consider Selecting Cladding Panels

So I am sure after working through the above details, you must have learned about what cladding is and it’s various advantages. Now the question comes to your mind, what type of Cladding panel do you select, and what factors you should keep in mind while choosing the cladding panels?

Selecting the right cladding panel for your room depends upon which type of surface and in which type of room or building you are using. What kind of maintenance do you require, and more importantly, your budget. Another main point is the look and feels; the type of cladding panel should make your room more appealing.

There are so many choices in the market while selecting cladding panels. The advancement in technology has added various options to meet the growing demand for higher flexibility and better protection at a reduced cost. You can select some options according to your choice and nature of surface and place.

  1. Stone Cladding
  2. Vinyl Cladding
  3. Ceramic Cladding
  4. Fiber Cladding
  5. Plastic Cladding
  6. Glass Cladding
  7. Steel Cladding

If you want to know briefly about each type, let me comment below. I will write a separate article with a brief description of each type.

In these modern days, wall cladding at exterior or interior has become very popular, and it’s not only cost-effective, but it protects your construction from any outside exposure and gives longevity and durability to your room and exterior walls. 

So in my view, using cladding panels in rooms or outside walls has changed the dimension of the construction industry to a great extent, and due to its various advantages and cost-effectiveness, it’s a must-have choice.

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