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KRS- one Net Worth

Kris had made his career as a rapper as well as a rapper and lyricist of his career. He had also made his career as a producer. He had gained popularity by remaining in the group hip hop “Boogie Down Productions”. His well-known work a called “Sound Of Da Police”. She has earned many awards in his career. He had made another rap song known as Love Gonna Get’cha and another piece named My Philosophy.

KRS-one’s Early Life

When he was born, he was named Lawrence Parker. He was named KRS, Teacha, The Blastmaster, Big Joe Krash and The Temple of Hip Hop. He was brought down to this earth on 20th August 1965. He landed on the land of New York City. He was born in place of Brooklyn. He was taken to an American Mother, but his father was from the Island of Trinidad, and his father holds th ancestry of Jamaican. At the age of 16 years, he had left his home to become an MC. After, he had to go to the Homeless for some time in South Bronx. After that, he spent his quality time with the Anti Poverty Workers while the beginning of his career. There is no information about his schooling, and he didn’t attend school. At the age of studying, he had chosen his career. The information about his parents is also not available. 

KRS-one’s Career

He had started his career in 1986. He has worked in Hip Hop, Conscious Rap, Political Hip Hop, Hardcore Hip Hop and many more genres. The job he had made his career as a Rapper, Record Producer and MC, and a famous and renowned singer. He had worked under the label of Jive, Duck Down, E1 and Aftermath. He had starved this career in the Hip Hop Group under the productions group of Boogie Down Productions. He had to work with the celebrities such as Derrick D- Nice Jones. But the unfortunate way, he got rejected. But later his work named as The Bridge Wars. But the album got many of the negative response as it was offended to MC Shan. He had made some the albums such as Return Of The Boom Bap in the year 1993, KRS-One in the year 1995, and I Got Next in the year 1997, The Sneak Attack, Kristyles, Keep Right, Life, Maximum Strength, The BDP Album in the year 2012, Never Forget, The World Is Mind, Street Light, Between Day Protests and many more albums. He had even participated in movies such as I’m going to Got You Sucka, Who The Man?, Subway stories, Rhyme &Reason, The Cut and Boricua Bond, freestyle: The Art of Rhyme and many more movies. 

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KRS-One’s Personal Life

He got married to Ms Melodie in the year 1987. The couple was blessed with a baby boy. The couple was separated from each other in 1992. He had kept his name as a Randy Hubbard Parker. Hebhad owned the Boogie Down Productions and Soul Assassins. Then he had made a relationship with Simone Parker. 

KRS-One’s Net Worth

He had won the award for $6 million, which he had got from the rapping world and the production house that he had created. He has also won many awards, such as Lifetime Achievement, I am A Hip Hop, VH 1, Hip Hop Honours and many more prizes.

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