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Les Twins Net Worth

The pair is real twins. Less had made their career as dancers and the choreographers, Producers, and models they wanted to do. They both had made their career as nicknames such as Lil Beast and Can Blaze. They met with the other talents in the form of Hip hop dancing. He had known and had an idea of the various dancing styles. He used to feature in dance for the music artist.

Les Twins’s Early Life

The pair is often recognized as Laurent Nicolas Bourgaries and Larry Nicolas Bougaries. Both the pair were brought down on this earth on 6th June 1988. They were landed on the Sarcelles, which Is in Val d Oise in France. He was taken birth to a family of 9 children. They were all living in Guadeloupean. In his childhood, he didn’t gain any training for the dance. By observing others, they learn l Ballet Techniques. From the age of 12, they started to perform in concerts and Musicals. According to some magazines, the pair is done for becoming dancers. They had their members for their dance team, called Criminals Crew. After some time, he was seen in the playing and portraying this dance and performed for the clubs. 

Les Twins’s Career

He had made the career in 2008. He had stolen the heart of the dance community. They had revealed that he had defeated the street dancer of France,whose name is Joseph Go and MeechOnomo. They overthrew them in the last stage of the competition, whose name js Juste Debout. They are called audience favourites who took their seats in the finals. They were also the finalist of the Talent show that the Princess of Monaco accompanied. 4 million people watched that show. In the year 2010, they had shown their performances in the World of Dance. The competition which was done in San Diego. Their first television appearance was done in the “The Ellen De Generes Show”. For their shows and talent, they were awarded many awards such as Battle of The Stylez, Juste Debout, Dance@live Japan Hip Hop West Division. They had even collaborated with Ashley Everett, Beyonce, Cirque du Soleil, Criminal crew, David Guetta, Jay -Z, Les Twins Clinique, Meghan Trainor, Missy Elliot. They had even done the shows such as Incoryable Talent, The Ellen De Generes Show, ABC News, Billboard Music Awards and many more.

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LesTwins’s Personal Life

Larry is not married, but he has a daughter named Leila Nicole Bourgeois. Laurent has a girlfriend whose name is Jessica. He usually puts her and his photos and describes their love and friendship. But they are more focused on their career and their relations.

Net Worth

Lea Twins had a net worth of $4 million which he had got from his dancing career as a contestant and also as a celebrity.

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