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David McCleary Sheldon alias Mac Lethal is a famous American rapper and the owner of a YouTube channel, which became viral with his astonishing performance in the Music, for more than 20 years. David is well-versed in playing consoles, vocal, and sampler. He is the originator of Black Cover Records, and ‘Black Clover Radio’ KRBZ 96.5 has hosted this rapping legend. David’s net worth is found to be 4 Million dollars as of 2020.

Early Life

Lethal was born in Kansas City, Missouri, on July 25th, 1981. Warren Sheldon, the father of Lethal, was a musician, which became the root cause for Lethal to get involved in music during his childhood days itself. He has done high school in Missouri and grew up with three younger siblings. As he had spent most of the time with his Musician father, he was able to learn Music easily. In the memory of his father, he had dedicated a song TurningInto My Father, after establishing his name in the Music Industry.

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In the year 2002, Lethal released his album Porn Stars are From Earth, and Men are from Mars. After earning a reputation in the rapping field, David McCleary Sheldon is known by Mac Lethal. He was also known for his battle-rhyming circuit and freestyling. Rhymesayers Entertainment is a famous recording company, to which Mac signed a contract in the year 2004. But he released his first album, 11:11, with Rhymesayers Entertainment only during October 2007.

After signing the contract, Mac was accompanied by age Francis, an underground rapper, for the Fuck Clear Channel Tour. In the year 2006, Black Cover Records was found by Mac, along with his long-time friend, Jeremy Willis, who is from Datura.

Sony was interested in signing a deal with Mac for 250 Million dollars for releasing five albums, two options, and one milestone contract. But Mac rejected the deal, and in the same year, he released his rapper Look at Me Now on YouTube, which attracted more subscribers and Million views. In this video, Mac had done rapping along with preparing pancakes in the Kitchen. Irish Goodbye in the year 2011 was his final rapping musical note on Black Cover Records.

As a TV host and a writer

After his rapping career, he has been appearing as a TV host in various shoes like Binge Thinking, Congratulations featured by tech N9ne. Binge Thinking was launched on MTV on April 1st, 2016. Mac also started his own Tumblr feed, where he used to post text conversation with his cousin and some imaginary conversations also to his subscribers, followers, and friends.

Awards and rewards

  • Mac was nominated for the award Scribble jam rap battle.
  • For his album, Look at Me Now, Mac was invited by Washing Post and CNN.
  • This album, due to its reputation, was added to the list of Contagiously Viral Musical Web Sensations of 2011.

Mac’s Net worth

As of 2020, the net worth of Mac was found to be 4 Million Dollars. He has reached this net worth through his rapping performances and from his YouTube channel. His albums released from Black Cover Records also play a vital role in his net worth. His novel Texts from Bennett, which is featured as TV shows, earned him a lot of money. 

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