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Nickmercs Net Worth

Nicholas Kolcheff was born on the twenty-first November 1990, and he is most prominent by his alias of Nickmercks. He is a well-known YouTuber, Faze Clan co-owner, and Twitch Streamer who plays Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Apex Legends.

Early Life

Kolcheff is originally from Michigan, and he created a name for himself by playing Gears of War in the late 2000s professionally. He also played Halo and did trash talking to Ninja, another prominent e-sports player, which led to them having multiple confrontations. He commenced his streaming career in 2010 from the first altercation of Twitch named Justin. Tv that helped him achieve success in the world of e-sports. He also created a channel on YouTube in 2011 where he posted videos of Outlast and Call of Duty. He joined the organization named 100 Thieves in 2018, made by Matthew Nadeshot Haag. Kolecheoff had a constant five thousand viewer count in his streams daily. His streams became even more popular after breaking a kill record in Fortnite with over fifty-four kills. XPolitics later broke the record by raking over fifty-nine kills. Kolcheff won the preliminary competition of Fortnite Friday, which was hosted by SypherPK, and earned a 2.5K reward.

Career Beginning

Kolcheff is recognizable for his genius movement, playstyle, and close-quarter combat domination. He has earned over a hundred thousand dollars in prizes from Fortnite. He has developed a rivalry with Aydan, another streamer, despite both of them being controller players. They later started teaming with each other after the drama stopped bringing in any new audiences. Kolcheff fell out of 100 Thieves and later joined Faze Clan because of poor management and failed promises. Nickmercs was offered a few offers from rival streaming services for shifts, but Nick rejected all of them. Kolcheff now ranks over sixty thousand viewers on Twitch, and he has supposedly earned more than six million dollars from the deal with Twitch itself. Nick is one of the most closely working gaming community members and also leads the MFAM. He helps his community by providing giveaways, putting together MFAM bar-b-que, supporting small streaming channels, and hosting free events for the members of MFAM and their families. The BBQ catalog offers a series of foods, games, good vibes, and giveaways.

Personal Life

Kolcheff has been in a long-term relationship with Emumita Bonita, and he proposed to her on stream for marriage. They later decided to tie their bonds in 2020 on 10th October. Besides gaming, Kolcheff has been an avid basketball player and participated in the school basketball competition when he was learning at the Michigan University. He partook in the free-throw competition for his school team and secured the first spot. Nickmercs loves streaming with other celebrities who do not engage in gaming, such as Marcus Mariota, the NFL quarterback, and Miami Dolphins linebacker player Kyle Van Noy.

Net Worth

The current approximate net worth of Nickmercs is over 10 million. He has accumulated most of this wealth from his streaming and video-making career. He is very engaging with his audience, which has helped him grow his base steadily. Nick also co-owns a part of Faze Clan, and he plays for them too in several friendly competitions.

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