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Anton Kreil Net Worth

Kreil is a Professional Trader. He is more famous for the professionalism he created in his career timeline. He had also appeared in the show known as Million dollar Trade. The show was aired on television on the British Network in 2009. The struggles he had faced in his childhood made him aim for success in his career timeline. He is more popular as well as successful in his career. 

Anton Kreil’s Early Life

Anton had brought down to this earth in the year 1987. Their birthdate of his is still not available. After that, he was raised in his birthplace. His birthday, as well as his home, is still not public. When he was in his childhood, he had seen many struggles that he didn’t want to continue with his dream. When he was small, his mother used to work harder for the survival of his and her own life. At that, he was only four years old. She was struggling alone because his father had shifted to Germany all alone leaving his wife and his children all alone. He was stayed with his mother and with his brother. In his childhood, he used to play with his brother, and they used to spend hours and hours spending time with each other. He used to play football in his childhood. They used to roam the streets playing games. Whenever he was asked about his childhood, he said he was not ashamed of his youth. He said that whatever he is today because of his childhood, the inspiration he got is from his childhood. He had done his graduation from Manchester University. He had done his graduation in Economics.

Anton Kreil’s Career

He used to work in London at the Investment Banks as a trader. It used to be his Dream Job. When he was in his second year of University, he was got an interview, and this led him to work in an investment bank. This work was considered the best. The work was regarded as the best for him, and he had accepted the work. At that time, he was only 20 years old. He was working as a trader at that time. After graduation, he worKed In London. He was sent to the Wall Street System. He was there to work in the Trader business. He was there to work at Goldman Sachs. After that, he worked with Lehman Brothers. When working with 

Lehman Brothers, he was there in European Trading for about two years. Then he was working at the age of 26 years old, and he was the Vice president of JP Morgan. He was working in the European Trading Desk. He quit the job because he was not happy to work for others and wanted to stable his position. 

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Anton Kriel’s Personal Life

He got married to a successful career-oriented woman named Meng Jiang. She works for the Panda Chows in the role of the Proper tier. They are currently residing in Singapore. There is no information about his children that he had no children. They are both living together in Singapore for a more extended period.

Anton Kriel’s Net Worth

He holds a net worth of $10 million which he had gained from traders, as his wife works as a property. He had achieved this all from the struggle he had faced in his childhood. His battle reminded him of the complex work to live a luxury he had never wished for forever. 

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