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Matt Mercer Net Worth

Matt Mercer was born on 29th June 1982, and he is a prominent voice actor from America. He is most recognizable in Viz Media, Studiopolis, Funimation, Bang Zoom Entertainment, NYAV Post in video games, cartoons, and anime. He has been in Deamon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba, where he voiced a character named Kagaya Ubuyashiki. She has also been on Kiritsugu Emiya, Attack of Titan, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. He was also in the second half of persona 4, where he played the role of Kanji Tatsumi. He has acted in one of the most famous anime series ever, Naruto, where she played the role of Yamato and Pain. He finally found an opportunity in One Piece from Funimation, where he dubbed the voice of Trafalgar Law. He played in Dragon Ball Super as Hit and in Hunter x Hunter as Leorio.

Early Life

Mercer is originally from Florida, and he was born in a Scottish family. His family made a shift to LA when he was young, and he attended the Agoura High, situated in California. His brother is a great writer and also performs on the stage with the alias of Dave Heatwave. Matt had significant issues with a stutter, and his father empathized with the situation and got him a speech therapist who reduced the effects to a point where only a few words triggered it. He decided to adopt the name of mercer, which was used by his family members in the past.

Career Beginning

Mercer commenced his career from English Walla performance and additional characters in several anime characters. He has since also worked in several video games, cartoons, and also commercials for radios. He has been a convention guest worldwide and has also hosted at the Anime Matsuri and Anime Expo events. He has also shaped and directed a web series named There Will Be Brawl, and it was based on the Super Mario Brothers successions. He has also provided voices for the role of Ganondorf and Meta Knight. His other performances include several shows such as Nerdist, Geek, and Sundry and a network web series named Fear News with the Last Girl, which aired on FEARnet. This movie was based on the Experimental and Weird category and won the Weeby award in 2010. Mercer has also been in Force Grey: Giant Hunters where he served as the Dungeon Master.

Personal Life

Mercer is married to Marisha Ray, who is a co-star from Critical Role on 21st October 2017. They currently reside with their two dogs, named Omar and Corgi, in Los Angeles. Mercer finally revealed that he has body dysmorphic disorder and has always struggled constantly with his physical appearance. He works as an LGBT rights activist and is employed with Outright Action International.

Net Worth

The current average and approximate net worth of Matt Mercer is about a million dollars, and he has received utmost of it from his work as an acting performer. He has also been employed in video games and has given his voice to several prominent characters.

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