A professional Fortnite Player!

Turner Ellis Tenneyis professionally known as Tfue, an esports player and streaming known to be the best player of Fortnite. He is best known for playing esports because he won numerous tournaments that includeSuperGames Charity Tournament. Tfue has great skills and is popularly known for rivalry with players and fellow streamers.

He earned success by playing as a Twitch streamer, and after that, he signed numerous esports organizations at the age of 22.

Early Life

Tfue belongs to Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. He lived along with his parents in Florida. He attended middle school but was never interested in studies and feel like school sucks. Later his parents found that he never actually went to school, and hence they homeschooled him. In 2019, Tfue moved to New Jersey along with his partner Cloakzy.

His Career Beginnings

Before gaining attention and fame by playing Fortnite, Tfuewas known to be a professional player of Battle Royale games. He got popular that he symbolizes Denial Esports as an H1Z1 pro player in 2017. In this year, he made his career in both esports organization and games by joining Rogue. He became a team member of the PUBG roster. 

In 2018, Tfue switched from Rogue to FaZe Clan and become a proficientFortnite player. There were many ups and downs in his career as after joining FaZe, he started legal proceedings against them. He claimed that FaZe is violating the state law as Tfuewas hired as an entertained and not athlete. The lawsuit continued for 15 months, and then both sides made a settlement, and FaZe released Tfue from their contract.

Tfuegot banned from Twitch in 2018 for over 30 days for using a racial slur against a player. His account got a permanent ban on July 2, 2018, because he was dealing with Epic Games accounts.

Net Worth of Tfue

The Net worth of Tfueis estimated to be around $4-6 million. He earned a lot of his earnings from Twitch through sponsors, YouTube revenue, subscribers, donations, earnings from tournaments, and sponsors. 

Tfueis a professional Fortnite player and a popular streamer; he makes money by wining competitive Fortnite tournaments and earning big prize pools. During his battle with FaZe, the lawyers of FaZe claimed that he made more than $20 million through streaming and playing Fortnite.


Tfue is popular on almost all social media platforms. He has over 12 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and has more than one billion views on total videos. It is estimated that he earned over $1 million from YouTube. He played for Fortnite World Cup and earned the 67th place in the solos event, which made him earn $50,000. He has a great setup, which includes top-of-the-range gaming rear and equipment and a high-spec gaming PC. Tfue uses a Logitech G Pro gaming mouse, an ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q monitor, and a Sennheiser HD headset for audio. He has a luxurious customized gaming keyboard that costs more than $3500.

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