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Gavin Free Net Worth

Gavin Free is an actor, cinematographer, and director from England. He is also a popular internet celebrity with a huge number of followers over the social media network. He has worked on several projects, but he got the major limelight for the work he did for the Rooster Teeth while working as a creative director. He was the director of the seventh season of the popular series, ‘Red vs Blue. He also directed its miniseries, which was titled ‘Relocated’. Gavin also created a YouTube web series, The Slow Mo Guys, and is also the co-host of it. It is a technology entertainment web series with a massive number of viewers. He also received the Webby Award for the Best Web Host for his web series in the year 2016.

Along with directing series and shows, he also tried acting in movies such as Lazer Team, X-Ray and Vav, and RWBY. He is considered to be one of the best slow-motion cinematographers and has done it for popular movies like Sherlock Holmes, Dredd, Hot Fuzz, etc. He also won in Streamy Awards for his excellent cinematography.

Early life 

Gavin’s full name is Gavin David Free, and he was born in Thame, Oxfordshire. He went to the Lord William’s School, which was situated at his birthplace. After completing his education, he went to Europe and started working at the Green Door Films in 2006. It is a production house that used High-speed cameras and was the best place to learn slow-motion cinematography. He worked as the camera operator and data technician there. He also got a chance to work on some music videos for artists like Klaxons, The Chemical Brothers, U2, and many more.

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Career beginning

Gavin’s career started when he was picked by the Rooster Teeth Productions in the year 2009 and was given the responsibility to direct the seventh season of Red vs Blue. He also features as an actor in the comedy series named Captain Dynamic. In the same year, he becomes a regular part of the Shorts by Rooster Teeth. In the year 2010, he came on YouTube and created a web series, The Slow Mo Guys, with his friend; Currently, their channel has over 14.1 million subscribers, and it was also declared the winner of YouTube’s On The Rise program. In 2012, he was also seen on The Tonight Show.

In the year 2013, their Web Series was taken over by the Rooster Teeth, and after that, all its episodes got exclusively released on the official website of Rooster Teeth Productions. In the year 2016, Gavin got the nomination for the Webby Award in the category of the Best Web Host.

Personal life 

Gavin is in a relationship with Meg Turney, and they are together since 2013. In January 2018, a man entered Gavin’s house with a gun, but he and his girlfriend hide and called the police. The intruder was killed by the police during an encounter in the driveway.

Net Worth 

Gavin Free is an immensely successful artist and has a net worth of over $5 million.

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