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Elgin Baylor Lumpkin is professionally recognized as Ginuwine. Ginuwine is an excellent dancer, actor, singer, and songwriter based in America. In 1990, Ginuwine started his career by being a member of a band named Swing Mob. In the mid-1990s, Ginuwine gained prominence after being signed by Epic Records as an artist. After signing a deal with Epic Records, he released numerous singles and albums and became one of the top artists of R&B group in 2000. Ginuwine’s journey took a turn when his four albums named 100% Ginuwine, The Senior, Ginuwine… The bachelor and The Life gained success, and around 10 million copies were sold of his album alone.

Early Life

The birth name of Ginuwine was Elgin Baylor Lumpkin, and he was born in 1970 on 15th October in Washington, D.C. His parents thought of his name Elgin after the name of an NBA legend named Elgin Baylor. Ginuwine completed his studies at Forestville High School, Maryland, and later, he moved to Prince George’s Community College, Maryland, to complete his further studies. He acquired a paralegal associate degree at Prince George College.

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Career Beginning

Ginuwine started his career with Swing Mob, a record label in New York. Later he met Melissa Missy Elliott, a rapper with whom he collaborated and started working on different projects. He released many albums and singles, and his singles got ranked on Billboard Hot 100. He then lost his parents, and he made an album entitled “The Life”, in which he released a single “, Two Reasons I Cry”.

In 2007, he collaborated with Tank and Tyrese and signed a contract with Atlantic Records, and made debut albums entitled Three Kings nominated for Grammy. After that, he worked in many shows and released many singles.

Personal Life

At a very young age, Ginuwine struggle with depression as he lost his parents. His father committed suicide, and his mother was ailing from cancer, and after a year of his father’s death, her mother died. He was very disheartened and thought that he should take his life. His pastor provided him counseling about life which made him bring at right and positive path. Ginuwine missed his parents a lot, that he even recorded a song for him entitled “Two Reasons I Cry” in one of his albums titled “The Life”.

In 1999, Ginuwine met a rapped named Tonya M. Johnston was popularly known as Sole. They started dating in 1999 and got married in 2003 in the Cayman Islands. The couple lived happily in Maryland and gave birth to two daughters named Dream Sarae Lumpkin and Story. Ginuwine also had children from his previous relationships, and he announced that he has nine children named Cypress, Dejan, Tiffany, Tahajir, Dream, Ramonda, Story, Elgin, and Ginel.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Ginuwine, the world-famous rapper, singer, and dancer, is approximately $5 million. He has earned his salary by working in the music industry by releasing studio albums and singles. It has been found that he lives a luxurious life, owns a luxury house, and has many cars as well.

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