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An American rapper and comedian

David Andrew Burd is an American rapper and comedian known by his professional name Lil Dicky or LD, as many of his fans call him short. He was born in Pennsylvania, US, on March 15, 1988, in an upper-middle-class Jewish family. He got interested in listening to hip-hop and alternative rock music when he was a child and started rapping in his school’s fifth grade. Burd listened to Nas and Jay-Z when he was a youth.

Early life

He studied in the local high school, and was an awkward-looking child getting good grades in the class, often referred to as “pussy.” The girls never paid attention to him. Burd attended the University of Richmond after graduating from high school and later relocated to San Francisco, California, for the job in an advertising agency. After considering Burd’s monthly progress report as a rap video, the company offered him work in their creative department.


Burd initiated his actual career as a rapper, to get attention comedically. He intended to write TV shows and movies and act in them, but he got interested in rapping. In 2011, Burd started working on compilation music, called So Hard, that took him two years to finish. During this span, he continued his job. He recorded enough stuff of his content for So Hard on his MacBook Pro. Burd released his song named “Ex-Boyfriend”, and he released songs for five months at the rate of one song per week. Burd received 1 million views in one day after posting the video on YouTube. Burdwas never distracted by his passion. In July 2015, his debut album Professional Rapperwas released. He released a music video for “Pillow Talking” in 2017 that received massive views. In 2019, he released a single called “Earth.” He also created TV series – Dave, based on his life as a rapper. He made many career tours between 2014 and 2018.

The net worth of Lil Dicky

Lil Dickygot his most net worth as a rapper and comedian, as he got fame through YouTube. His current personal net worth is estimated to be $8 million. It is astonishing how he successfully made this net worth, as he was not so famous just a few years ago, but efforts are genuinely impressive. Lil makes over a million dollars a year from his music profession. He may not be as rich as many other rappers, but his net worth seems progressive, considering his current age and career years ahead. Lil also invested in real estate when he paid $2.5 million for a beautiful cottage in California. Lil crossed many rappers in net worth in a short span. His net worth will grow fast with the successful release of his more music videos.

Interesting facts about Lil Dicky

Lil presents a fascinating blend of rap and stand-up comedy in his incredible music videos and shows. He spent almost every dollar of his savings on becoming a successful rapper.

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