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Tom Dwan Net Worth

Thomas Dwan Jr. was born in 1986, and he is a prominent professional player of Poker in America. He is well-known for being an online player who bid the uppermost stakes in a hold ’em game. He usually gambles in Complete Tilt Poker, where he goes by the name of terror. He also plays pot-limit Omaha games and has won prize money in live tournaments. In the National Heads-Up Poker Championship, he also made appearances from NBC and performed Poker when Dark in the Fourth, Fifth, Seventh, and Sixth seasons. He soon made an appearance in High Stakes Poker on the 5th and 6th seasons from GSN.

Early Life

Dwan is originally from New Jersey, and he has attended Boston University, where he studied Engineering before starting to pursue full-time Poker after the first year.

He commenced his poker journey with a bankroll of fifty dollars, and he appeared in sit-and-go competitions. He soon switched to cash games in a multiplayer online environment and then switched to heads-up money games. Dwan has earned over three hundred thousand in Full Tilt Poker in 2007 alone and then made over five million in 2008.

Career Beginning

Dwan claimed a loss of two million before the world series of Poker in 2007 in four months. He was able to make a recovery within a year, but in 2009 he lost over three million dollars, and it was a significant loss at first, which took six months to recover. He played against Phil Ivery in 2009 December and lost over two million. Then Viktor Blom challenged Tom to a match, and Tom lost five million in that game.

Blom dared Dwan for heads-up hold ’em limitless cash games, and it would take place concurrently on six boards with stakes of over a million bucks in play. Blom hit the jackpot and won over five million from Dwan by the end of the foremost week. Dwan then promptly issued a live challenge at the Filled Tilt Poker. Dwan subsequently lost over four million in the year 2009, which helped him lower his winnings to a little above a million. Dwan then won over two million in the month of December, and when he had recovered his losses. He then hit two jackpots of 1.6 million, and then he raised his winning money to over seven million for the entire year of 2010.

Personal Life

Dwan has announced that he is married to Bianca Rossi, and they planned to get married, but there have not been any supplementary updates from it.

Net Worth

The current average and approximate net worth of Tom Dwan is about 10 million dollars, and he has earned this money from Gambling online and offline. He is one of the most renowned faces in the gambling world and has engaged in matches with other prominent and skillful players. He has lost a lot of money in reaching the above net worth from aggressive gambling styles, but the same process has also helped him win big jackpots.

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