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Mike Jones Net Worth

Michael Allen Jones is a professional rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, and actor based in America. He is known by his stage name Mike Jones. He gained fame when he released his single entitled “Still Tippin” in 2004, which ranked at the top on Billboard Hot 100. After gaining prominence from one single, he released more singles back to back that also earned success. Mike also released his debut album entitled “Who Is Mike Jones?” ranked at number 3 on Billboard 200 and was certified by RIAA as Platinum. People started recognizing him more when he released “Mike Jones, who?” which he used to repeat in his songs. He also becomes popular for providing people shirts that have his phone number printed on them.

Early Life

Mike Jones was born in 1981 on 18th November in Houston, Texas, US. He gained interest in basketball and always wanted to be a player of the National Basketball Association. He was forced to change schools at times to play in YMCA leagues because after completing ninth grade, there were transfer rules required to be followed. He was completing his studies at Booker T. Washington High School, but he dropped out and started working at food restaurants. He also did a job at the Compaq plant and did work selling mobile phones. Jones loved his grandmother, and when at a young age, he used to visit her grandmother, she gives him the idea to be a rapper. He mentioned that he pursued rapping because of his grandmother.

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Career Beginnings

Jones started his career while being with a group named Souf Folk. By collaborating with Souf Folk, he released an album entitled Country Thuggin. After working for a short period with Souf Folk, he created his record label under Ice Age Entertainment and started rapping. He didn’t collaborate with anyone at that time and promoted and began rapping on his own. Mike promoted his music on DJs. Later, he signed a record label named Swishahouse after the convention with A&R T. Farris. Mike signed other southern rappers at that time, including Chamillionaire, Slim Thug, and Paul Wall. In 2004, he signed a control with Warner Bros and Jive Records that were the best of that time, and his single released with them earned Platinum. After achieving Platinum, he then achieved Double Platinum, which made his album the best-selling album. Mike also played a role in TV series titled Prison Break by Fox and released one of his movies entitled The American Dream. There were many controversies that took place in Mike’s journey.

Personal Life

Jones was an active member of numerous charity programs like The American Dream Foundation and Ice Age for Kids that he founded. He used to host many youth events for his foundations and used to donate many dollars to help kids and other people through his foundation.

Net Worth

Mike Jones is a great rapper, and it is estimated that his net worth is around $6 million.

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