Terry Bradshaw Net Worth

Terry P. Bradshaw is in the limelight because of his professional football career. He is a famous American former football player who existed as an amazing quarterback. Apart from his career as a football player, he is into the acting field too. His presence is seen among several films and TV shows. One of the famous films includes “Failure to Launch.” The owner of “Super Bowl title” within six years makes him another starring image.

Early Life

William Marvin “Bill” Bradshaw and Novis got blessed with Bradshaw as their son on September 2, 1948, in Shreveport, Louisiana. His father, William Bradshaw was a Unites States Navy veteran, a layman of Southern Baptist, and Riley Beaird Company’s former VP. In the Red River Parish, Louisiana, Lula Gay, and Clifford got blessed with five children and one of them was Novis (Terry’s mother). Terry’s siblings are Craig (young brother) and Gary (elder brother).

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Personal life

Bradshaw tied his knots of marriage four times. Firstly, he got married to Miss Teen America, 1969 who was Melissa Babish and their marital life continued till 1973. Later, he tied his knots with JoJo Starbuck who was an ice skater by professional but their marriage ended in 1983. From 1983 to 1999, he got married to Charla Hopkins who is blessed with her daughters, Erin and Rachel. After getting divorced from the first three marriages, Bradshaw got married to his 15 years relationship girlfriend, Tammy.  


In 1970, Pittsburgh Steelers allowed Terry by selecting him as a player. He turned into a starter figure during the second season. Bradshaw took ample reasons to take a position in the NFL and further made Steelers reach the “AFC Central Championships” not just once but eight times along with four titles of “Super Bowl.” In 1978, he enjoyed the finest peak in his football career when he got famed by enjoying the title of “NFL’s Valuable player” given by the Associated Press. In 1984, he took retirement from the sport and tied a contract with the CBS that made him become “NFL’s analyst” for the game. 

Terry also made a stunning career in the field of acting. He featured in the Radio Shack commercials. The League, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Married with Children include his work in some well-famed sitcoms. In the films too, he entered with a stunning profile. You can see him featuring in “Smokey and the Bandit II” and “Cannonball Run.”

Awards and Achievements

In 1975, Terry got hands over the “Super Bowl IX” title over Minnesota Vikings. In 1976, he achieved a “Super Bowl X” title against the Dallas Cowboys. He featured the glam lights by winning the “A.P. NFL player of the year” title in 1978. Among his achievements, it also includes Super Bowl XIII MVP, Super Bowl XIV, NFL Hall of Fame, Emmy Award, and Father of the Year Award.

Net worth

Seeing the big picture of Bradshaw, one might be curious to know about his net worth. As per the reports, it is estimated that Terry Bradshaw holds a net worth of $25 million seeing the 2020 records.

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