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Corey Taylor Net Worth

If you are a big fan of the band SlipKnot, you must be knowing Corey Taylor. He is also known to play the lead vocalist and Lyricist in the band Stone Sour. He is one of the most loved singers, songwriters, and musicians from America.

Taylor is the founder of the band Stone Sour. He formed this band along with drummer Joel Ekman. He later joined the band Slipknot in 1987 when their lead vocalist was replaced. The first two albums with Slipknot got platinum, and then Corey started reviving Stone Sour to record an album, and he toured in 2002 for the same purpose.

Early life

Corey was born in the city of Lowa, Des Moines, to a single mother. He was raised by his mother solely. He had an American descent from his father’s side and an Irish Descent from the mother’s side. It was Taylor’s Grandmother who introduced him to rock music. He also started to listen to Black Sabbath at a pretty young age.

In his teenage years, he got into drug addiction, and he has also overdosed on cocaine twice. His Grandmother took his custody after that so that he could complete his studies. When he was just 18 years, he left his Grandmother’s place and roamed around different places in Iowa.

On an event of the TV show The Therapist, Taylor exposed that he was also sexually abused at the age of 10. He was abused by his friend, who was 16-years in age. Taylor also attempted suicide when he was at his Grandmother’s place.

Personal life

Taylor had problems with drug abuse and alcoholism, and thus, it was difficult for him to start a relationship. Taylor had a girlfriend named Scarlett, who gave birth to their son Griffin parker. Taylor and Scarlett married in 2004, but they were divorced by the end of 2007. In the year 2009, he married his girlfriend Stephanie Luby, but they got divorced in 2017.

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Taylor has a pretty fulfilling career. He is the founder member of the hard rock band Stone Sour. Taylor was one of the blessed members of this band, and he made arrangements to get this band to the popularity it deserved. Taylor was approached by bands like the metal band and Slipknot, and thus, he had to leave the Sour Stone band. Taylor did not return to the Siur Stone band for almost five years. After his return, they recorded their debut album called Stone Sour in 2002. Their debut album was at the 46th position among the Billboards 200.

Taylor has also appeared as a guest musician on different shows and albums like Steel Panther and Code Orange.


Corey Taylor has received numerous awards and recognition for his ever-lasting career in music. Some of the major awards received by him include Revolver Golden Gods awards, Loudwire Music awards, and Kerrang awards.


By the end of the month, September 2020, Corey Taylor has an estimated net worth of almost $12 Million. He has achieved all this through his hard work and passion.

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