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John Schneider is the one very popular American actor who has mainly earned popularity through his role as the ‘DUKE’ character in the series ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’. Some people also recognized him as a country singer who has a fantastic voice. From the time of his struggle, he has always given his best to offer something extraordinary in his acting as well as singing skills. The original name of John Schneider is John Richard Schneider which was given to him by his parents. No one was having even little idea that he will earn such great popularity within a brief period, which is consistent even at the present times.

Early life

John Schneider was born on April 18, 1960, in the Mount Kisco of New York. John Jack Schneider III and Shirley Conklin were the parents of this creative artist. His father was a pilot in the US Air Force, whereas there is no idea about the occupation of her mother. If we discuss his higher education, he attended North Springs high school. In childhood time, he was having a keen interest in magic which forced him to enter the magic shows at the age of 8. He performed perilous magic in which his limbs were locked, and then he was thrown into the swimming pool. He tried to escape but did not attain success.

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Career beginning

When John was 18 years old, he commenced his acting career where he was offered to cast as Bo Duke in the series The Duke of Hazzard. He attained a perfect break from this chance earned the excellent attention of fans. He was then featured in the Smallville series in 2001, and you will be amazed to know that he directed some of the episodes of it. 2009 was the year when he was in the form to offer a lead role in various famous series of American television.

Not only acting but then John has always given his best in the singing profession. He launched his first-ever track in the 80s, which was under the label of Scotti brothers Label. After getting an enormous response, he decided to launch several albums in the line. Most of his tracks were listed on the top chart ranking, which brought him to the limelight in the music industry. The talented artist has also contributed his lovely voice for the character James in one of the Bible series Word of Promise.

He has a record of acting well in more than 30 movies and owns his production studio named John Schneider studio.

Personal life

John firstly got married to Tawny Elaine Godin in 1983, who was awarded the Miss America title. Unfortunately, they got divorced after three years, and then he decided to marry Elvira castle in 1993. They gave birth to a daughter named Karis and got separated in 2014. The reports suggest that he had spent a jail sentence for three days for not paying off alimony to Elvira. At present, he is in a relationship with Alicia Allain, who is also his personal manager.

Net worth

The net worth of John is estimated at $ 2million, and he is making approximately $ 500,000 buy his acting and singing profession.

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