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Rivers Cuomo Net Worth

River Cuomo was brought up in this world on 13th June 1970. By profession, he is a singer, songwriter, and producer. He is the main guitarist and Pianist, and songwriter in the rock band whose name is Weezer. He was brought up in the Ashram. It was in Connecticut. He was there till the age of 10. Then he shifted to Los Angeles at the age of 18. He had worked in many bands. Before working for the Weezer, he was part of many bands. When he was in the university, he had released the albums. Some of the albums are rewarded as Platinum.

Early Life

He was brought up in this world on 13th June 1970. He was born in New York City, New York, in the US. His other name is Peter Kitts. He had a mixed ancestry of Italian and a German-English Ancestry. There are different theories which are he was born in the East Hudson River. He was taken to Beverly Shoenberger and Frank Cuomo. Another story is there that, while the time of birth, she could hear the sound of the river. By profession, his father was a musician. He used to play the drums in the album known as Odessy of Iska in the year1971. He was raised in Rochester, which is present in New York. His father had left his family when he was small. His mother took him to the Asharampresent in Pomfret, Connecticut. He had attended the school from the Pomfret Community School. His mother got married to Stephens Kits. Then she shifted to Virginia. Then after his shift, he went to Mansfield Middle School. He had played in the school function.


He had performed in the Weezer in 1992; hewaS with a drummer named Patrick Wilson, a bassist named Matt Sharp, and a guitarist named Jason Cropper. Weezer is the nickname in his childhood which his father gave. Geffen records signed him on 25th June 1993. He had done the Pinkerton, Make Believe, Raditude, Death to False Metal, Everything will be alright in 2014, Pacific Daydream, which was released in 2017; Ok Human, which was recently related in 2021, Van Weezer, which was also released in the year2021. He had also performed as a solo, whose name is Alone: The Home recordings of River Cuomo, which is part1 and part 2. Alone 3, Not Alone. He had performed all the alone series. He had done with the Scott and Rivers, such as Scott and Rivers, in 2013 and 2017.

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Personal Life

He had taken the vow of sexual Abstinence from 2004 until his marriage in 2006. He got married to Kyoko Ito. He got married on 18th June 2006. He met with her at a concert. He proposed to her in Tokyo. The couple was blessed with two children whose name is Mia and Leo.

Net Worth

The river holds a net worth of $35 million, which he gained from his songs and album. His albums were hit and gained much love from the audience.

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