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Shaggy real name is Orville Richard Burrell. By profession, he is a Musician. He had kept his name as fuzzy for his stage. He had produced many hit songs such as “It Wasn’t Me,” “Boombastic,” “Oh Carolina,” “Angel.” For his work, he was nominated for various awards. He gains many prestigious awards. He is an American-Jamaican Musician who had uplifted his name by producing many rock songs.

Early Life

Shaggy real name is Orville Richard Burrell. He was brought up in this world on 22nd October 1968. He was born in the land of Kingston, Jamaica. In her childhood, he was very much curious about the song and listened to it frequently by seeing his interest in the field of singing. His parents decided to give him the lesson of singing in 1987. He started his career by singing in the streets. He had transferred his talent to his son who’s name is Richard O Neil Burrell. He had also become a rapper. He had kept his name as Robb Banks; He was born to Clinton Burrell and Veronica Burrell. He had mixed ancestry of American and Jamaican. 


He had started his career not from music but through the Military. He had entered the United States Military group; He joined the United States Marine Corps In the year1988. He had named the number MOS 0811. He had gained the position of Field Artillery Battery; He was in the 10th Marine Regiment in the Persian War of Gulf. He didn’t serve them for long. The rank which he had achieved was Lance Corporal. His rank was down twice in the United States Army. While he was posted there, his interest was still in the singing. He made his entry into the music industry in the year 1993. He made his entry as a hit. His first song was named “ Oh Carolina.” Then again, he used the Kenny Dope in the film. He had sung many songs, such as Frankie Cutlass, Boombastic, released in 1995. In the year1996, he released the song whose name was “That Girl.” He had worked under several labels such as EMI, VIRGIN, MCA, Universal, Big Yard, Ranch. He had collaborated with many artists such as Tony Gold, Brian, and Tony Gold, Red Fox, Sting, Ne-Yo, Major Lazer, Tamer Hosny, Arash, Rayvon, and many more.

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Personal Life

He had married the love of his life, Rebecca Packer. He got married in the year2014. The couple, after marriage, got blessed with three children whose name is Richard Burrel, Robb Banks, Sydney Burrell. He believes in donations, and he donated as much as he could. He had given the gift to the hospital for many types of equipment. His wife supports him in every situation, and their marriage is going on a smooth surface.

Net Worth

Shaggy holds the total bet worth of $14 million. He usually gets this by his singing career. He is part of many successful albums that he created and got hit and sold many copies.

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