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Bill Duke Net worth

Bill Duke is a very popular film director, actor, television director, film producer in the United States of America. He has a very good physique and was born on February 26, 1943, making him 78 years old now. The most important personality trait of his own because he gained popularity in the American industry is his physical fitness. The basic January according to which he was working and entered into Hollywood was action and crime drama. He is now one of the most popular celebrities and has a height of 6’4″

Early life

Duke was born on February 26, 1943, and his birthplace was New York. He was the son of Ethel Louise and William Henry Duke Sr.and he studied at Franklin D Roosevelt high school, which was situated in Hyde Park. He was an artist from the very beginning of his early stages. Therefore, due to his skills and performance, he could perform arts and creative writing at Dutchess community college. Having completed his graduation from this particular college, he went to Boston University and took a degree of drama in his bachelor of arts. He then studied at New York University.


If we talk about the beginning of his career in movies, he was given his first role as a closely shaved head and head and height of 6’4″ in a movie named car wash in 1976. He was given the role of black Muslim and played the character of Abdullah Muhammad Akbar. In a movie named American Gigolo, He was after that given the role of a gay pimp as it comes to popularity. He got it from his action-oriented movie, where he was given the role of a tough guy.

In these movies where he had to play an action-oriented role, he was not given the role of actor but villain. He played he is rolling on the opposite of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movies were commando and predator. Later on, he worked in several other popular movies like action Jackson, the limey, and exit wounds. These were some of the masterpieces delivered by Bill due to the Hollywood industry, and reaching towards the end of his career, he was also given a role in X-Men, the last stand. He played the role of a national security officer in Washington in this particular movie.

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Personal life

There is only a little information about Duke’s personal life over the internet as he was not so active on the media. In 2018, it was informed that Duke lives in Los Angeles, and he is also having a membership of the PhiBeta Sigma fraternity.

Net worth

Do has been a very successful actor and director in the Hollywood industry, and he has a huge fan following millions of people. He has played a significant role in many movies and, given his full efforts in the hard work that he has pro-trade in the movies played by him. Also, he was a great director, along with being a talented actor, and has managed to earn a net worth of $3 million during his work life.

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