Bill Emerson Net worth

Bill Emerson is an investor, financial expert, and Vice-Chairman of a known financial company called Rock Holdings Inc. He is also the owner of the mortgage company called Rock Mortgage along with a financial institution Quick Loans, which is one of the known mortgage lenders. Besides, he is also among a few other ventures. He has also been involved in different Fintech businesses. He is a money man and loves to remain active in this field growing his profile with developing expertise and experience in his domain. 

Early Life 

Bill Emerson is a competent man when it comes to FinTech ventures. He comes from a decent family with his father being involved in financial services. Considering his guidance, he made sure to explore this field in his college days and ended up enrolling at a University from Penn State wherein he remained an active member of the university‚Äôs National Championship in 1982 for a football team. Once he completed his studies, he was quick to join the mortgage group called Quicken Loans in 1993 working as a Mortgage Banker. He had the commitment and passion to explore and learn several things that helped him gain the zeal for managing several clients and thus taking care of several roles in the company. 

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Career beginning 

As said after his college, he joined the said mortgage group to start working as Mortgage Manage. He then went on to form his own company Rock Holdings Inc working in a similar area while he remained the part and owner of the companies like Rocket Mortgage and Quicken Loans that remain one of the biggest mortgage lending companies in the United States. Besides, he is into several businesses dealing with FitTech. Besides, he is also into Bedrock where it remains the Detroit full service dealing with several real estates. It deals with developing and acquiring along with leasing, financing, and managing several stuff that deals with managing several residential and commercial residential premises. In his roles, he has played an important role in growing his role from being a manager to a business leader thus promoting the art and development of culture. 

Just recently, we could see Bill becoming the CEO of Quicken Loans and thus has been in this company for the last one and a half decades before taking up the current role. Thus under his leadership, one can find the company appearing to be one of the largest ones to deal with the retail industry dealing with mortgages. He has closed the deals for more than 400 Billion USD and the kind of amount he has taken in different states from 2013 to 2017 has made all the things roll. As said, he is also involved in several financial ventures including being the part of Mortgage Bankers Association for two terms and even has been part of the said company as VC and a member of HPC along with being the executive council. 

Family Life 

He is based in Detroit with his family and has two kids. 

Net worth

The mortgage man is an established man and he has a net worth estimated to be around 3 Million USD. 

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