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Tommy Mottola Net Worth

Thomas had made his career as a music executive and producer, and an author. He is appointed as the chairman Of the Mottola Media Group. He also had the chairman of Sony Music Entertainment. He was the parent of the Columbia label for 15 years. With his contribution, the company where he had worked led the staircase to success within a short period. He used to put his idea to make the company’s success rate more bigger and better.

Tommy Mottola’s Early Life

Tommy was brought down on this earth with the name Thomas Daniel Mottola. He was born on the date of 14th July 1948. He was born in New York, which is in the United States. He was born in The Bronx. He was born into an Italian American family. He had done his schooling at the Iona Grammar School in 1962 and the Iona Preparatory school in the year 1966. For a short period, he had spent his time in the military school and then he did his high school. He had joined the University from the Hofstra University, which was present on the Long Island. He didn’t complete his graduation and dropped from college. After that, the head pursued a musical career as a role of guitarist. He had played in the band as the Guitarist and Also as a singer. He used to perform in the R&B cover Band. He wanted to become a musician, but he had failed miserably in his career.

Tommy Mottola’s Career

He had started his original work in the Year 1988. He was hired by thr company by Walter Yetnikoff. He used to run the US Operations. In the year 1990, he had replaced Walter Yetnikoff. And he became the CEO of the company known as Sony music. During his time, Sony became the most successful magic channel around the Global. The company uses its marketing strategies, and the success rate used to be high. At that, he had expanded his company to around 60 

countries. Under his guidance, the company management became the strongest management ever made. He was responsible for creating superstars such as Celine Dion and Mariah Carey. He was there for about 15 years, he had taken the revenue from $800 million to over $6 billion to the annual value in 2000. He had created the singers Gloria Estefan, Destiny Child, Jessica Simpson, Anastacia, Shakira, and The Dixie. Hebhad also worked with the legend Michael Jackson for the album Dangerous. He was also with him for the promotion of the album Invincible. He had brought all the rights to The Casablanca Records. He had reconstructed with Lohan and Mika. He had published the book named Hitmaker, which was released in January 2013.

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Tommy Mottola’s Personal Life

When it comes to their personal life, he was married about three times. He had converted himself to Judaism for his first wife named, Lisa Clark. They were blessed with two children. Next, he got married to Mariah Carey, and they also parted ways after some time their marriage. At last, he married his third wife, Thalia. The couple was blessed with a Baby girl and a baby boy.

Tommy Mottola’s Net Worth

He holds a net worth of $540 million which he had gained from the company he had worked for with sincerity and hard work. He had also won an award for the work he had done. 

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