Alvarez, the enigmatic character in the acclaimed television series Better Call Saul, has left viewers intrigued and speculating about his true identity and motivations.

Never physically shown on screen, Alvarez’s presence is felt through the actions and alliances of other key characters. As Nacho claims to have been recruited by Alvarez for a dangerous mission and aligns himself with a dangerous Peruvian gang connected to Alvarez, questions arise about who Alvarez represents and what his role is in the intricate web of relationships.

In this article, we will delve into Alvarez’s role and the speculation surrounding his character.

Alvarez’s Role in Better Call Saul

One of the key roles in Better Call Saul is played by Alvarez, a mysterious character mentioned throughout the show. While Alvarez is never shown on screen, his presence is felt through the actions and words of other characters.

Ignacio Varga claims to have been hired by Alvarez to aid in the attempt on Lalo’s life, aligning himself with dangerous Peruvian gangsters associated with Alvarez. This association adds complexity to the story, as it implicates Alvarez in the ongoing conflicts between the Salamancas and Gus Fring.

The blame placed on Alvarez by Don Juan and the Salamancas raises questions about his true role and influence. Despite the lack of information about Alvarez in Better Call Saul, there is speculation and intrigue surrounding his character. The possibility of future spinoffs may provide answers and further explore the enigmatic character of Alvarez.

Potential Spinoff and Audience Reactions

Continuing the exploration of Alvarez’s character and the audience’s reaction, the possibility of future spinoffs has sparked interest and speculation among fans of Better Call Saul. The enigmatic nature of Alvarez, coupled with the lack of information about him, has left many viewers wanting more. The idea of a spinoff series centered around the Salamanca family has been particularly intriguing, as it would provide an opportunity to delve deeper into Alvarez’s character and backstory. Raymond Cruz, who portrays Tuco Salamanca, has expressed openness to reprising his role for a spinoff, further fueling speculation.

Many fans felt cheated by the minimal information given about Alvarez in Better Call Saul. They expected swift retribution or a more significant role for the character, and his lack of screen time left them disappointed. A potential spinoff exploring Alvarez’s character would not only expand the Breaking Bad universe but also satisfy audience curiosity and provide the answers they crave.

Intrigue and Speculation Surrounding Alvarez

Speculations surrounding the significance of Alvarez’s character in Better Call Saul have sparked intrigue and speculation among viewers. Alvarez’s mysterious presence, combined with the lack of information about him, has generated a sense of curiosity and anticipation among fans of the show. The fact that Alvarez is never shown on screen adds to the enigma surrounding his character, leaving audiences to wonder about his true role and motivations.

One possible theory is that Alvarez represents a larger criminal organization operating within the Breaking Bad universe. The mention of his name by Ignacio Varga, as well as his association with dangerous Peruvian gangsters, suggests that he holds considerable influence and power. Furthermore, the blame placed on Alvarez by Don Juan and the Salamancas raises questions about his involvement in illicit activities.


In conclusion, the enigmatic character of Alvarez in Better Call Saul leaves audiences with lingering questions and the potential for further exploration in future spinoffs. Throughout the series, Alvarez remains a mysterious figure, mentioned but never seen. His role in hiring Ignacio Varga to assist in the attempt on Lalo’s life adds intrigue and complexity to the story. The association of Nacho with dangerous Peruvian gangsters linked to Alvarez raises further questions about his true nature and motivations.

The lack of information about Alvarez in Better Call Saul disappointed some viewers, who expected swift retribution or at least a deeper understanding of his character. However, this ambiguity has also sparked speculation and anticipation for future spinoffs. The possibility of a Salamanca spinoff series, which has been suggested by the Alvarez mystery, could provide an opportunity to explore his character in depth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Alvarez’s Role in the Peruvian Gang Associated With Nacho Varga?

Alvarez’s role in the Peruvian gang associated with Nacho Varga is not fully explored in Better Call Saul. His existence adds complexity to the story, and speculation surrounds his significance and the blame placed on him by Don Juan and the Salamancas.

Is There Any Evidence or Hint About Alvarez’s Appearance or Background in Better Call Saul?

There is no evidence or hint about Alvarez’s appearance or background in Better Call Saul. The lack of information about Alvarez in the show has disappointed viewers, but speculation about his significance continues.

Why Did the Showrunners Choose to Keep Alvarez’s Character Unseen Throughout Better Call Saul?

The showrunners likely chose to keep Alvarez’s character unseen throughout Better Call Saul to add intrigue and speculation. It allows for future exploration in potential spinoffs, expanding the Breaking Bad universe and satisfying audience curiosity.

How Does the Existence of Alvarez Add Complexity to the Story in Better Call Saul?

The existence of Alvarez adds complexity to the story in Better Call Saul by introducing a mysterious character who is associated with dangerous Peruvian gangsters. The blame placed on Alvarez raises questions and adds intrigue to the narrative.

Will There Be Any Future Spinoffs or Storylines That Explore Alvarez’s Character in Depth?

It is unclear if there will be future spinoffs or storylines that explore Alvarez’s character in depth. However, the Alvarez mystery adds intrigue and speculation to Better Call Saul, leaving room for potential exploration in the Breaking Bad universe.


In conclusion, Alvarez in Better Call Saul plays a significant role in the series, despite never appearing on screen. Through his actions and alliances, Alvarez represents a mysterious and enigmatic presence that adds depth and intrigue to the storyline.

The lack of information surrounding his character has generated speculation and curiosity among fans, leading to discussions of potential spinoffs. Alvarez’s existence in the show raises questions about his true identity and motivations, leaving viewers craving answers and further exploration of his character.

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