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Safiya Nygaard Net Worth

Safiya Nygaard is not completely a celebrity but she’s also no less than a celebrity. Here, we are talking about SafiyaNygaard who is an American YouTuber. There are many YouTube videos that she has made but one of the most popular among them is Why I Left BuzzFeed.

Personal information

SafiyaNygaard is very successful nowadays and have a lot of YouTube subscribers. She is one among the top YouTubers of America and had 5.8 million YouTube subscribers in August 2018. She was born in Santa Clara, California and she’s an American. Talking about the education, she has completed her college from Stanford University and she has been active on YouTube since 2015. Also she holds Creator awards from YouTube which she has got by completing 1,00,000 subscribers and 10,00,00 subscribers. According to the number of subscribers got silver button and golden button respectively.

It is also very interesting fact about SafiyaNygaard that her mother and father were not of the same nationality. Her father was a Danish and she had an Indian mother.Coming to the present and personal life of SafiyaNygaard, she is married. Her husband is also a YouTube collaborator and his name is Tyler Williams. She had a very great wedding ceremony and a lot of famous YouTubers also joined their wedding ceremony like Jenna Mourey, Christine Rotenberg and many others.

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When it comes to awards, SafiyaNygaard is not considered to be a lot of lucky. Although, she has achieved great heights of success in her life but talking about the awards, she has not won any. She was nominated for Streamy Award in 2018 in the category of beauty.

Unfortunately, she was just nominated and did not won the award that year. Following this one, in 2019 also she was nominated for the streaming award in the category of creator of the year. There were two nominations in which she had her name but this year also she was not lucky enough to take away the award.


Talking about the starting of the career of SafiyaNygaard, she was not initially a YouTuber. At first, she was a video producer of BuzzFeed‘s show which was named as Ladylike. It was in 2015 that she was hired by BuzzFeed but in 2017 January, she also left the company. This video has received great response and has 8.6 million views on YouTube.

Not only this one video but she is also very popular for a YouTube series which is named as Bad Beauty Science.In this series, she is known because she had mixed different beauty products into one and created something new. Fashion is also a category in which she has worked but only for introducing weird trend. She had made videos related to wearing clear pants as well as 9 foot long jeans.

Net worth

SafiyaNygaard who is an American YouTuber has an estimated net worth of $3 million. She’s basically popular in YouTube and therefore, she also have a very huge fan base. She has around 2,000,000+ followers on Instagram as well.

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