Crime solicitors, otherwise known as criminal law solicitors, are lawyers specialising in criminal law. They usually advise the accused on their winning chances, explain the situation to them, and clarify their rights in the criminal procedure. They will also explain the repercussions should you decide to plead guilty or not guilty of the offence. 

If you find yourself a suspect or accused in such crimes as sexual harassment, assault, DUI, fraud, theft, or other criminal offence, your best shot at redemption is a crime solicitor. They will ask the hard questions to represent you best before the bench and bar.

Why you should hire a crime solicitor

There are plenty of reasons why you need to work with a crime solicitor. First and foremost, they will ensure that the complaint filed against you is sufficient in form and substance to merit a reply. Secondly, they will also ensure that you’re given a day in court to confront your accuser. In this case, they will fight so that you are accorded with due process. 

If these reasons are not enough to convince you to hire a lawyer, consider these specific reasons to sway you in the right direction. 

You want to defend yourself 

The main goal of going to trial is to be accorded the legal right to meet your accuser, present your side of the story with damning pieces of evidence, and present proof beyond reasonable doubt that you are not guilty of the crime you were accused of. You can indeed represent yourself, but the criminal case has two sides — substantive and procedural. As a layman, you may be aware of the substantive aspect, but you lack experience with the procedures. 

A seasoned crime solicitor is what you need to increase your chances of getting the case ruled in your favour, if not dismissed on mere technicalities. Your crime solicitor knows the rules of criminal procedure so well that they can find loopholes even in how the summons was served, how the ‘notice in rem’ was published, and how the court’s jurisdiction was determined. 

You want to be well-equipped for trial

No lawyer comes to trial unprepared because what is at stake is their client’s life, liberty, or property. However, some lawyers are just so good at pre-trial that they appear to be more prepared than their opponent during the actual trial date.  

A seasoned crime solicitor knows what kinds of evidence are admissible and what types of proof should they show to support their defence. They also know how to make use of witnesses’ narratives, amicus curiae’s opinion, and circumstantial evidence to work in their client’s favour. Plus, they can prove that ‘proof beyond reasonable doubt has not been achieved in the case at bar; hence, a guilty verdict is not in order. 

You want your side to be heard

Whatever the outcome of the trial, it is essential that the court hears and considers your side. This is the primary role of a crime solicitor. With them, getting a fair trial is achieved. In case you get a guilty verdict, the criminal lawyer can file for an appeal.  

A crime solicitor plays a crucial role in justice administration. Their job is not easy since they fight for justice in the best interest of their clients. Defending someone accused of a crime needs knowledge and expertise of the law. This is why these professionals have studied and practised for long years to become effective at what they do.

When looking for one, make sure to practice due diligence to find a firm that’s highly reliable and experienced in most criminal cases. Hiring an expert crime solicitor can help in reducing the legal consequences of a crime. They can also work their expertise to get an acquittal verdict. 


Crime solicitors represent an individual accused of a crime in court. Their job is challenging, but they can get the job done with proper knowledge, skills, and expertise. There are lots of firms and lawyers specialising in criminal law that can help you out. Choose the most reputable team of crime solicitors in your area. With this, you would have a higher chance of winning the trial.

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