YBN Cordae Net Worth

Cordae Amari Dunston was born on 26th August 1997, and he is a prominent singer, rapper, and songwriter from America. He has written only song remixes of Eminem’s My Name Is and Old Niggas, a response track to J. Cole. He uploaded both of these songs on the YouTube channel of World Star Hip Hop, and it helped him achieve immense success in the mainstream online rap scene and media. His breakout album was named The Lost Boy, and he released it on 26th July 2019. And it achieved a lot of acclaim and nominations from the 62nd Grammy award. He has been a member of a rap group named YBN for two years, and he left in 2020.

Early Life

Cordae is originally from North Carolina, and he has been interested in music since a young age. His father loved hip hop music from classic Talib Kweli, Rakim, Big L, Nas, etc. Cordae commenced his work on music writing at fifteen, but it was just his hobby. He researched artists since he grew older and tried searching for music similar to his father’s tastes. He also prioritized his education, but he slowly got distracted with lyric writing. He often wrote songs about his mental health, and he wrote two songs concerning his anxiety when he was a teen. He studied at Townson after graduating from High school in 2015, and he dropped out later in 2018. He explained that his college work was more prominent than what he was interested in, and he mainly pursued it for the sake of his family. Shortly afterward, he decided to make a move to Los Angeles.

Career Beginning

Cordae mainly started focusing on his rap career at the commencement of 2018, and he had been friends with YBN Almighty Jay and Nahmir, and he hung around them often in Los Angeles. Nahmir took an interest in Cordae after listening to a song he wrote when Simba, another rapper, reached out to him. YBN has always been interested in video games, but Cordae is the only member who has not been introduced through that medium. He already felt much like a part of the group, but he did not change his handles as it remained Entendre. Soon, he changed it to YBN Cordae and stated that he wanted to give up Entendre. He released a music video on World Star Hip Hop to make his breakout, and he also released a remix cover of My Name Is, originally by Eminem. He has also responded to 1985 from J. Cole by releasing Old Niggas.

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Personal Life

Cordae worked in the TGI Fridays before he left college to work. He went on a No Jumper interview with Adam 22, and he expressed that he hated the situation and was destined for more. He has also participated in the 2016 protests in support of Black Lives Matter, and he freestyled in the crowd about the ongoing social unfairness. He is currently in a relationship with Naomi Osaka, an American Asian tennis star, and they met at a game of LA Clippers.

Net Worth

The current average net worth of YBN Cordae is about 500K USD. He has accumulated most of this wealth from his work in the hip-hop industry. He associates with the mega-hit rap group YBN which later disbanded but is still friendly.

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