Client gifts can be a tough one to think of. However, we’ve taken the time to help you out with our great guide on buying gifts for business clients.

1. How About a Simple Handwritten Note

In a world where everyone is using digital communication, a handwritten note can be a refreshing change. It takes effort to write and mail a handwritten note, making it extra special.

Keep a stack of blank cards handy and write a few lines expressing your appreciation for working together. You can also use services such as Sent-Well and Postable to write, address, stamp, and send cards to your clients. Consider including a gift card for an even greater impact.

This thoughtful gesture will make your clients smile and help them remember you when someone asks for referrals.

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2. Send a Special Delivery

A special delivery can be just as exciting as receiving a ‘thank-you’ note. While classics like flowers and cookies are always appreciated, you can break away from the ordinary and try something unique.

Target is well-known for carrying a wide range of products, so it’s not surprising that they also offer gift baskets. You can conveniently order online and choose to either pick up your gift baskets in-store or have them delivered. However, if you’re looking for a more distinctive option, consider browsing the large selection of gift baskets available on Etsy. Not only can you support a small business, but you may also have more opportunities to personalize your order compared to ordering from a larger company.

Other gift baskets and boxes to consider:

– Knack

– Something Splendid

– Happy Box Store

– Boxfox

– These gourmet options curated by The Wirecutter

If you’re looking to maximize the impact of your client thank-you gift, consider having it delivered to their office. Your clients will be able to showcase their treats to their colleagues and friends, and they’ll be sure to mention that it was you who sent them. This approach is a win-win situation: your clients will feel appreciated, and you’ll have the opportunity to increase your business’s visibility to potential customers.

3. Use a Personal Touch

During one-on-one interactions with clients, it is common to discuss topics beyond the business at hand. For instance, they might share details about their pets, hobbies, or favorite sports teams. It is essential to take note of these conversations and leverage the information to select a gift that would resonate with them.

Perhaps your client who just opened a bakery would appreciate flowers, but it may not have the same impact as a customized apron that commemorates the occasion. By taking the extra time to find a personalized client thank you gift that aligns with their interests or current stage of life, you can create a lasting impression that won’t be easily forgotten.

Examples of thoughtful client gifts include an insurance agent sending discount coupons to clients who have newborn baby, a mortgage service provider offering a first-time homeowner a stamp with their new residential address or even a new toy for their pet or a coffee cup with their favorite team’s logo on it. The key is to personalize the gift and show that you have taken the time to understand their interests and needs.

By merging the practical aspect with thoughtful gestures of these client appreciation gifts, you can make them feel valued beyond a mere business transaction – ultimately it’s good PR for your business too.

4. Family-Friendly Gift

Dropping off a bottle of champagne for clients who have found the perfect home for their growing family is fun, but not something that the whole family can enjoy. Consider giving them a board game to play together in their new living room, or a gift card to a local restaurant to explore a new neighborhood, visit EZ gift cards to buy gift cards.

Giving a family-friendly gift not only makes the entire household happy, but also shows that you care and are mindful of their needs.

5. Shop Local

Do you have a favorite local food, beverage, or product that represents your area? Or perhaps you know of a talented artisan whose work you want to showcase? Consider sharing these unique gifts with your clients to make a lasting impression.

Especially during challenging times when small businesses need support, choosing to shop local demonstrates your commitment to the community and values. It also shows your clients that you prioritize quality and authenticity.

On the other hand, if you have clients who are new to your area, gifting them with specialties from their hometown can be a thoughtful and unforgettable gesture. This gesture can help them feel more connected to their roots and appreciate your effort to welcome them to the community.

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