Adam Vinatieri Net Worth

Adam’s full name is Adam Matthew Vinatieri. By profession, he is a professional football placekicker. He had done his work in the National Football Championship. He is called the most outstanding and most acceptable Kicker in the history of football kickers. He is the one who had the highest score of and 2673 points. He had won the Super Bowl almost four times. He is the one player who has gained more than 1000 points in two different franchises. 

Early Life

Adam was born on 28th December in 1972. He was born and brought to Yankton, which is in South Dakota. He was taken to Judy M and Paul Vinatieri. His ancestry was of Italian, German, and English. He was the second child of Judy and Paul. He had three siblings. One elder than him and rest two are younger than him. One of his sisters was also a placekicker. His family shifted to Rapid City, which is in South Dakota. He completed his schooling at the Central high school of Rapid City. In his childhood, he was more interested in Basketball and Soccer, and track. He entered the football team as a senior. Before being a placekicker, he was a quarterback and Linebacker. But he left the position and joined the placekicker. 


He had joined the college for his graduation from United States Military Academy in West Point. But he couldn’t complete it. He returned to the home and then decided to join South Dakota State University; He is considered the best placekicker of all time in league history. He had played 24seasons in the American football Placekicker; He had the highest score of the highest score, having 2673 points. He made field goals around 599, and over time, field goals are 12. In the year1996, he played under the Patriots. He bad played in around 10seasons. He is the only player who has scored more than 1000 points in two different franchises. He is the four-time winner of the Super Bowl. He had taken retirement in the year2021. He was the last player who started his football career in the late 1990s. He had worked under several teams such as Amsterdam Admirals from 1996, New England Patriots from the year1996 to 2005, Indianapolis Colts from 2006 to the year2019.

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Personal Life

He was born in a rapid city which is in South Dakota. But was raised in the Black Hills of South Dakota city. His ancestors was an immigrant from Italy to South Dakota. His great grandfather was in the army in the position of Lt Col George Armstrong Custer. He is the cousin of Evel Knievel and also cousin to Tim Foecke, who is a scientist and an author. He had a sister whose name ha Christine Erickson who was a Politician. His niece also wants to be like him and follow in his footsteps.

Net Worth

Adam’s total net is around $25million, and he gets all his income through his football career.

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