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Cody Ko Net Worth

Cody is known as Cody Micheal Kolodziejzyk. He is more popularly known as Cody Ko. He is more popularly known as Youtuber as well as Comedian. He got more audience in favour of him through Vine. He made a comedy rap with Tiny Meat Gang. He had made a huge fan following through his humour and rapping songs. He had a Youtube Channel on which he had millions of followers. He had gained a Youtube Gold button as well as a Silver button.

Early Life

He was born on the 22nd of November in the year1990. He was born in Calgary, Alberta, which is in Canada. He had a habit of making someone laugh hardly. He had completed his schooling at the local school of Calgary. By nationality, he is a Canadian and settled in the U.S. He had completed his variation from Duke University. He was born to Greg Kolodziejzyk and Helen Kolodziejzyk. From childhood, his passion for comedy has helped him to reach new Heights. He is also interested in the Computer line course and has invented many news applications.


Cody had a YouTube Channel whose name is Cody Co and Cody &Ko. In his initial days, he used to study at Duke University. He invented an App which was known as the I’d Cap That. This App helps to more unique captions into the Photographs. The App users increased day by day, and in a month, there were several users for this App. When he completed his studies, his interest took a turn, and he made famous Vines in Comedy Skits. He makes many collaborative videos with the Youtuber Noel Miller. He had many fun videos with Noel. He had also made a music video with Noel which, gained much audience love. He has made many Vines such as Camp Unplug in the year2016, The Real Bros of Simi Valley in the 201he boonies in the year 2017, in the year 2019, he made Suki which was a short film. He had worked under the Artista Label.

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Personal Life

CODY personal is Great as he maintains both his professional and personal in an equal position. The priority he gave to his life which is seen on the Youtube Channel, offered his love life. He had completed his graduation in Computer Science in the year2012. It is said that the Comedian Youtuber Cody Co is in love with a Youtuber whose name is Kelsey Kreppel. Kelsey is also a Youtuber. Her Youtube channel name is Taco Tuesday Girl. Cody and Taco always collaborate on a video. They made several videos with each other.

Net Worth

He is regarded as one of the most successful Youtubers on Youtube. He used his talent to make everyone happy and make their day with humour jokes. He aims to create an Emily environment for every person who is in the mode of depression. He has a net worth of $4Million. He used to make brand endorsements and placed a fixed price for this.

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