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Afroman Net worth

Afroman’s birth name is Joesph Edgar Foreman. He was taken down in this world on 28th July 1974. He is well known as Afroman. He is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and comedian by profession. One of his songs got released, named “I Got High,” in 2000. He had also done the song called Crazy Rap in the year 2001. The albums were released in consecutive years. He was also part of the Grammy award in the year 2002.

Early Life

His actual birth name was Joseph Edgar Foreman. He was taken down in this land on 28th July 1974. He cried for the first in the land of Los Angeles present in California. He was hoisted in South Central Los Angeles. Then he shifted to the new Place, Palmdale, which was present in California. The Place was present in the High Desert in the Southern Desert. Then he again shifted to another area known as Hattiesburg, in Mississippi. He was very much interested in music for his childhood, and he used to practice all time. Then slowly, he rapped the song that looked interesting to him. His music career started she he was in his eighth class. He used to sell homemade pieces to his friends and earn money from them.


He sang songs and sold that song to his friends when he was at school. He was at the eighth standard when he used to do this. He said the Album he made was about his teacher in an interview. When the teacher knew about the mischief he had made, he threw him out of the class and called his parents. Then he made another album that he sold to his friend’s teacher and workers even then. He used to get comments about the song he made and get statements of good reviews. He used to perform in the church also. He knows how to play guitar and drum. The first Album he made was My Philosophy. Then continuous, his songs got released, such as Because I Got High in 2000. He had worked under many labels such as Cosmic wire, Fontana North, Universal Records, Hungry Hustler, Federal, T-Bones And Uptown, and many more. He has done his collaboration with Mr. Mixx. He knows how to play the guitar, Bass guitar, and Drums in his musical career. He was the part of the Album known as “GATHERING OF THE JUGGALOS.”

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Personal Life

In the year 2003, he proclaimed himself as a Christian. He was arrested due to misbehavior with the women on the stage. He was immediately taken to custody and taken out of control through bail. After that, he apologized for his behavior, and he was sent to anger management classes.

Net Worth

He holds a net worth of $100 thousand, which he gained from his musical career and stage shows that he was doing in his career.

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