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Brandon Sanderson Net Worth

If you are a bookworm and love to read fantasy and science fiction novels, you must have heard the name, Brandon Sanderson. He is one of the most popular epic fantasy and science fiction authors. He is mainly famous for the series; Cosmere Fictional Universe, as most of the best fantasy novels, are included in it. A few of the most interesting novels set in it are The StormlightArchive, Mistborn Series, etc. He is also the one who finished the Fantasy series; The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. The terms like ‘Hard and soft magic systems’ got popular because of his ‘Sanderson’s Lows of Magic’. He also started a podcast with Howard Tayler, who is a cartoonist, and the author Dan Wells and named the podcast ‘Writing Excuses’. Their podcast mainly focused on topics like creating webcomics and genre writeups.

Early life

Brandon was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, on 19th December 1975. He has four siblings, but he is the eldest of all of them. When he was in his teenage, he was highly interested in high fantasy novels, which made him try to write some fantasy stories of his own. He completed his high school education in the year 1994 and then went to Brigham Young University for completing graduation in biochemistry. He also took a two-year leave for serving as a volunteer in South Korea, representing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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Career beginning 

Brandon started writing while studying and wrote over twelve novels in the year 2003, but none attracted any publisher. When he was doing his graduation from BYU, he was approached by the editor of Tor Books as he wanted to acquire one of his novels. Brandon submitted the manuscript of Elantris, and it was published by Tor Books in the year 2005. It was received an excellent response from the readers, and following its success, he published another novel, Mistborn: The Final Empire, in 2006. His second novel of the Mistborn series came out in 2007 and was titled; The Well of Ascension. By the year 2007, Brandon become a well-known name, and his popularity increased when Harriet McDougal chose him to complete the popular series of fantasy novels, ‘The Wheel of Time’ after its original author Robert Jordan died. Three final books for the series were published by Tor books in 2009. As soon as it was published, it became the Bestsellers and gained the top position on the New York Times list of hardcover fiction. It was Brandon who popularizes the idea of soft magic and hard magic.

Personal life

Brandon is a married man as he got hitched to Emily Bushman in the year 2006. She was one of his fellow teachers and English major, but he fell in love with her. Later she became a business manager to him. The couple has three children who are currently living in American Fork, Utah.

Net Worth

Brandon Sanderson is a successful author and has written several best-selling novels. His net worth is around $6 million.

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