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Asmongold net worth – A rich Twitch streamer

Known for his exceptional skills as a streamer, Asmongold is one of the most popular celebrities in the online world. The pseudo name artist has his roots from the United States of America. World of Warcraft is his niche and most of his videos are based on this game. He got introduced to this fantastic game in the year 2006 during the summer vacation. His estimated net worth is $3 million and he has become quite famous as Asmongold. This name was given to him by his friends when he was a 7-year-old kid. 

Twitch is the platform where Asmongold streams all his videos. Although he was christened as Zack, he got fascinated by the name ‘Asmongold’ right from his childhood days. He has been playing his favourite game Warrior since 2006.

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Other Details related to Asmongold

He has more than a million followers and has one of the greatest number of views. People have watched his twitch videos on the game for more than 110 million times. Thus, he is known to have accumulated over a 110 million views since 2011. He has been able to reach more than 98,500 viewers on one of his streams. Most of his money comes from the revenue, subscribers, bits, and subscriptions.  He has over 18,000 subscribers on Twitch and per subscriber he is able to earn $2.50 minimum. Well, when you take a look at the overall calculation, Asmongold’s per month income sums up to $45,000 and approximately $540,000 a year.

After handing over 50% of the affiliation fee to Twitch partners Asmongold is still able to earn $2.50. The overall amount that every streamer is eligible for is $4.99. But the affiliates and the partners get 50% cut in the total earnings leaving the streamer with 50% of the actual income. However, in some of the exceptional cases, Twitch increases the fee to streamer in order to retain them on their platform. The streamer can then be able to get 60% to 100% on their monthly fee. 

Other ways that Asmongold has been able to make money through Twitch

Cheering feature is one of the other options that streamers can make money through Twitch. This is one of those features that where a fan gets to cheer in the chat using an animated emoji. The price of the cheer depends on the number being typed. The fan has to spend the amount mentioned out of which the streamer would be able to a cent for every bit pledged by a fan.

The streamers can also make money through the donations that can be made by their fans. The money donated by the fans gets straight into the accounts of the streamers without any middleman involved. So, using all these sources Asmongold is able to make $3 million dollars and that is certainly a fantastic net worth for a streamer.

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