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Berner Net Worth

Berner is a popular rapper from America, and along with that, he is also a successful entrepreneur. He is currently signed to the Taylor Gang Entertainment, owned by Wiz Khalifa. Berner has released over 16 albums till now, and most of them have been ranked in the Billboard charts. He also owns different successful companies, and one of them is ‘Cookies,’ which one of the top companies in the Cannabis trade market of California.

Early life 

Berner was born Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr., but he is more popular with his stage name, Berner. He was born in the Sunset District and spent most of his childhood there. He went to Galileo Academy and later dropped out of college. His father worked as a chef which was located at Filmore Street. His mother worked in an office, and his family shifted to Arizona when he was 13 years old. His father wanted to open a restaurant in Arizona, so he moved there with the family. When Berner was in high school, he developed an interest in rap music and started rapping. He started participating in rap battles in 2006, which helped him develop his skills as well as confidence.

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Career beginning 

Before Berner began his career as a rapper, he created his music label in 2007 and named it Bern One Entertainment. After that, he launched his debut album in collaboration with Equipto. In year 2009, his debut solo album, was released, followed by other four albums too. 2012 was great for Berner as they got signed by Wiz Khalifa’s label. ‘Urban Farmer’ was his first album that was launched under Taylor Gang Records in the year 2012. He also took part in the music Tour alongside the music legends; A$AP Rocky, Khalifa, Trinidad James, etc. Berner launched a solo album titled; ‘Hempire’ in 2016 and produced a show with artists like Kool John, Juicy J, Cypress Hill, Berner, etc.

One of his singles, ’20 lights,’ ranked at the 95th position in Billboard’s top 200 tracks. In May 2019, he launched a new album, and one of his tis track features Kris Nava, better known as El Chivo. Besides his music career, Berner is also a successful businessman, and he began with a cannabis club that he opened at the age of 18. Later, he also opened up a lifestyle and clothing shop in San Francisco named; ‘Cookies.’ It sold a wide range of products such as Duffle bags, lunch bags, backpacks with advanced features, etc.

Personal life 

Berner is married, but he never shared the name of his wife. They both also have a daughter named Janelle. He posts pictures of his wife and daughter quite often on Instagram. Seeing the recent pictures posted by him, it is clear that his wife is pregnant with their second child.

Net worth

Berner is a successful businessman as well as a rapper, and his net worth is approx. $25 million.

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