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Bill Hayes, real name William Brooke Hayes was born in the early 1960s. William is a 60 years professional photographer, correspondingly an author. The utmost prominent publication rendered by bill Hayes is Insomniac city. Moreover, bill Hayes is the executive producer for few books subjected to the profession of photography. The writing skills of bill Hayes are quite commendable; even while being a writer devoid of any significant firm, the content of Bill Hayes was published in few renowned newspapers multiple times. The professional life of bill Hayes is equipped with some interesting facts. Here are some of the interesting facts about bill Hayes; let’s have a glance.

Early life

Bill Hayes, the birth name William Brooke Hayes was born and brought up in Minneapolis. Bill is the only son of his parents as Bill has five sisters. The name bill’s father was JoJohnnd the name of his mother was Jean; the beautiful couple has six children. According to his interviews and statements, Hayes carries an ultimate special bond with his sisters. The instance when Hayes was three years old, his family immigrated to Washington alongside Hayes. 

Despite the fact, hayes was gay; Bill had few girlfriends at the instance of his education route. The fact that hayes was gay devastated his father, Jojo, the military man, and he decided not to sustain good relations with his son. Bill acquired his college degree from the Santa Clara University.

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Bill Hayes blazed the trail of his writing career by realizing a book named Sleep Demons. The core notion of the foremost authorized books concentrated on diversified sleeping sickness alongside an informative set of scientific progression. Bill Hayes conferred his writing career and authorized his second book named the history of blood. The book was released in the early 2000s; the book was boiled down to his ex-partner, who was just 16 years old and was infected with the sexually transmitted disease.

The notion and motion of the book Five Quarts were moved along the HIV disease. The writer has written two books on his relationship with his partners; the second book was named Insomniac city; the book correspondingly condensed on the relationship of Hayes and his partner Oliver Sacks. His partner was a renowned neurologist, and the relationship ended after six years at the instance of Oliver’s death. 

Hayes’s books won multiple awards, and his content was featured in some of the utmost sizzling strips. The fact might astonish you that rather than just being an author, Hayes is correspondingly a photographer; the art of photography was acquired by his mother Jean, hayes blazed the trail of his photography career in 2007, all the more his pictures were starred in Vanity fair. As mentioned ahead, Hayes is the executive producer of a photography condensed book named how new York breaks your heart. The book was published in 2018; the book was subjected to more than 100 raw photographs of New York City. 

Net worth 

The net worth of bill Hayes is $1 million to $5 million. 

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