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Faze Rug a famous young vlogger, personal life, career and Net worth

A vivacious Vlogger

Known for his amazing pranks and wittiness, Faze Rug has been able to gain some real popularity amongst a lot of other Vloggers. His prank videos are considered to be the best and are popularly known as ‘Cocaine Prank.’ He has been able to attract several followers on all the Social Media Channels, and is the video has a record of being viewed by 8.9 million viewers, and that is massive, isn’t it? Most of the people started noticing him for the first time when he started using YouTube to upload his Prank videos. Later, the number of subscribers started to increase drastically over a very short period of time.

Early Life

Norn as Brian Awadis on 19th November 1996, Faze is a citizen of the United States of America. He was born in San Diego, California, to Iraqi parents. His parents are immigrants from Iraq, and he grew up with his brother Brandon. He completed his schooling like every other child and also stepped into college too.  Right from his school days, he loved to play pranks on other people, and the same went online. Little did Faze know that it would soon gain popularity!


Since he always loved to have fun in school days, he started making videos on the same concept and released in on YouTube. He also shared these videos in a hilarious manner, and a lot of people started liking these videos. Faze started enjoying this career of his and well; more than that, he was completely satisfied with letting the world know about his pranks.

He quit studying when he was in his first year and took his video making career quite seriously. He realized that people enjoyed watching his videos and especially after his ‘Call-of-Duty’ issues, and the Vlogs became super popular. Watching his videos would make people believe in them completely Faze brings in a lot of skills in the creation.

He also makes them with complete dedication. He has whopping followers of 4 million o Instagram and 2.3 million subscribers on YouTube.  Most of the youngsters are drawn by the charismatic nature of young Faze, and they look up to him as a role model. It is quite a happening thing for all his fans to watch his getaway with all his mischief easily, and that’s what makes people follow him.


As on date, Faze stands at a Networth of $7 Million, and that is really massive. Apart from making videos, he does not have any other parallel profession. A youngster at 20 making such huge money is really a fantastic thing, isn’t it? I bet this is one of the most important things that make him stand out many other youngsters.

Did you know?

Apart from creating Vlogs and making prank videos, Faze also has written a few wonderful quotes which makes the people think too much and that made him more famous.

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