Instagram marketing

Thanks to those verified blue ticks on Instagram, celebrities are legitimately able to engage with fans on a more personal level, whilst advertising their latest projects to the world.

Whether it’s to promote a new album, a movie, a fragrance, or clothing line collaboration, you can be certain you’ll hear about it through at least one of these social networking sites.

It’s the ultimate digital marketing tool, and it’s a good one at that. Here are some reasons why:

It facilitates promotional interests

It’s a pretty obvious one, if they’re releasing a new album, book or movie, they want you to know about it, and they know you’ll be interested. Why? Well, you wouldn’t be following them otherwise (well, and because they’re famous). It’s an instant way to spread the word and get more people interested, especially if you become a trending topic.

Katy Perry is a great example of this. 5 year ago, she announced her world tour to promote her new album, Prism, using the hashtag #ThePrismaticWorldTour to ensure the likelihood of becoming a trending topic.

Having meticulously observed Katy’s social profiles, particularly Instagram and Twitter, it is clear that she likes to keep her fans, and the world, aware of her successes. Whether she is making an appearance on a talk show, is releasing a new single, or if she has won an award, she wants us to know about it. It’s a sure fire way of ascertaining her relevance, and more importantly, it works.

Want more attention?

Tweet something completely outrageous and it’ll get the whole world talking. Well, that’s what former child actress Amanda Bynes did anyway. One moment she was declaring her amorous affections towards Drake, and then the next she was calling him ugly, and then lusting after him again, and then insulting him again.

She even took a few stabs at Rihanna, Courtney Love and Miley Cyrus. Okay, so she may not have been creating the most positive image for herself, but the point is she got everyone’s attention and she got them hooked.

Only, it was sadly later revealed that she was possibly suffering from mental illness, which offered some explanation towards her bizarre and volatile behavior.

Increases their Fan base

Now let’s talk about the main reason why Instagram works so well to the advantage of celebrities. The thrill of engaging with a celebrity is what draws so many in. Fans get to feel like they have more of a personal connection with their idols, which in turn strengthens a celebrity’s image.

In fact, many celebrities have even adopted pet names for their fan base to make them feel extra special. Lady Gaga refers to hers as ‘Little Monsters’, Rihanna her ‘Navy’, Mariah Carey her ‘Lambs’, and Katy Perry her ‘Katy Cats’, Not only does it act to make their fan base seems like a special team, it encourages more people to want to be a part of it.

These celebs have a huge fan base that makes them more on Instagram. It is reported that most of the celebrities buy Instagram followersto not only increase their fan base but also want to go ahead with numbers on Instagram.

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