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Kid rock net worth

Kid rock is the most famous American singer and musician who attained a huge fan base and popularity by producing wonderful albums that are still ringing in the ears people. No one gets bored listening to the songs sung by this singer. He rose to fame by generating two albums – ‘Devil without a cause’ and ‘The Polyfuze method’. He gives music in different styles which are soothing to ears and sometimes will tap the legs of enthusiast music lovers. He composes country rock, hip hop, and rap-rock and heavy metal styles. He is very much interest in rap since childhood and shaped the career in the same.

Early life

He was born to the proud parents, William Ritchie and Susan. He was born on January 17, 1971. His father is a car dealer. He has interest for rap music since he was young and has learnt break dance to excel in this area growing up. He took part in many talent shows and worked as a DJ in many parties, especially the basement parties. He later joined ‘Bo Wisdom of Groove Time Productions’. He came up with the stage name as Kid Rock and started doing the shows.

Personal life

He got married to Pamela Anderson in 2006 after the pregnancy is disclosed. However the couple got separated after five months of their marriage. Kid rock has two sisters and a brother.


Kid rock has made a debut with the album with the name, ‘Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast’. This album was released in 1990 and attained him a huge name in a short time besides helping him gain the fan base. ‘The Polyfuze Method’ is the singles album composed by this famous rapper and it helped him explore advanced style of rap music. The singles entertained the audience and gave a breath of fresh air. There are some controversial songs. However, the song such as ‘My Oedipus Complex’ has a lot of mature content that make gave a tribute to his father. He composed and sang famous songs such as ‘I Am the Bulldog’.

There is another album that is released in 2001 with the name, ‘The History of Rock’ and Cocky attained a huge applause from the fans globally and critics alike. There are million copies of the album being sold out in the US. He made a niche and mark in the world of rock genre of the music. The album released with the name Rock in 2003 has gone to become a massive hit especially the songs, Rock n Roll Pain train and Cold and empty. He expressed the freedom of an artist through the song, I Am. He also expressed the emotions and love towards the father through ‘Single father’ song. The album, ‘Care’ in 2011 has thrown some light on the political activities.

Awards and achievements

The kid rock album has been featured in the rolling stone magazine as one of the 50 greatest albums that were released in 2003. He is also nominated for Grammy awards for five times. The single named Cow boy won a huge appreciation and is listed as top 10 songs.

Net Worth

When it comes to the net worth of the candidate, the estimated worth is USD 100 million. He has earned money through record labels. The Devil without a cause album has 13 billion sales, which contributed a lot to the net worth.

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