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Lil xan is the most famous American rapper who has attained a huge reputation with the rap songs in a short time. He earned the reputation and money at a very young age proving his talent to the world. Aside of rap, he also take photographs of his friends to show his photography skills. However, when his camera was stolen, he paid complete attention to rap. The singles that garnered the eye of the audience towards this 24 year young rapper are who are you and betrayed.

Early life

Lil xan was born on September 6, 1996 in California to the Mexican parents. He did not had a luxurious childhood. Most of times, he used to live in motels. He dropped out from the school and spend many years being unemployed. Later, he took up the job as the street dancer. Alongside, he also sold drugs and got addicted to this bad habit. He got rid of this habit before stepping into the world of rapping. He wanted to become a photographer and started to excel this art by taking the photographs of the rap friends. However, soon after this camera was stolen, he got into the rap world. He was addicted to drugs for two years and took many drugs later and spread a word about anti-drug message to help people to get rid of this habit.

Personal life

He is not married but was in a relationship with Noah Cyrus, who is an upcoming singer and an actress. Both collaborated and released an album with the name, live or Die in 2018. However, in the same year the couple had a break up. When people asked about the break up story, he took the blame on him. He said that the only love he had was with the Cyrus family.


He went on to become a popular rapper in 2017 with the release of the music video, Betrayed. It clinched the 64th position on the 100 billboard hot songs. He earned a huge fan base and recognition on various platforms, especially YouTube and Sound cloud. When he was in the interview with XXL, he announced the first debut album. He collaborated with the other artists such as Diplo and Swae Lee to do this album.  He gave an announcement on the Xanarchy tour in 2017 and the tickets were sold out in just five hours. However, in the billboard, he would like to rechristen the name as Diego in 2018 to support anti-drug message.

The albumTotal Xanarchy received moderate success. However, there were negative reviews on this, but went on to give some success to him in 2018. Later, he released heartbreak soldiers. Another album that was announced by this person is named as be safe as a tribute. This is a tribute that was given to Mac Miller.


So far, there are no awards that are won by this rapper. However, he got nominated for the MTV Video music and music awards in 2018.

Net worth

The estimated net worth of this rapper is USD 4 million. He earned the weather through the rap industry. He turned as a professional rapper in a short time. Though, was a drug addiction, but with the passion for rap today he turned as an inspiration for many and became financially stable.

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