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Melanie Martinez Net Worth

Melanie Martinez was born on twenty-eighth April 1995, and she is a prominent songwriter, singer, director, actress, screenwriter, photographer, and visual artist from America. She is originally from Queens, and then her family moved with her to New York. She then came to prominence after appearing in The Voice, an American vocal talent search show from 2012. She then released her breakout single named Dollhouse, followed by an extended play of the same name. According to the RIAA, she signed with Atlantic and released her breakout studio album named Cry Baby, which became platinum certified. Her songs such as Mad Hatter, Sippy Cup, Pacify Her, Cry Baby, and Soap won gold certification. Her other pieces, such as Pity Party, and Dollhouse received certification of platinum from the RIAA.

Early Life

Melanie is originally from Queens, and her parents are of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent. Her family started staying in Long Island when Martinez was only four years old. She had a habit of listening to Britney Spears, Brandy, The Beatles, Shakira, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, and Christina Aguilera. She yearned to be a singer since she was young.

Martinez has graduated from the Plaza Elementary School, and she credits Mr. Nadien, her singing teacher, for teaching her how to sing. She commenced her poetry work in Kindergarten, and she says she has only had a couple of friends as she grew up. She was an introverted person and sensitive, so she found it difficult to tell people how she felt, and she cried a lot. She has practiced painting and photography, and she named her original album Cry Baby because of her habit of calling as a child.

Career Beginning

Martinez participated in the Varsity Talent Show from MSG in 2012, and she sang Money from The Beatles. She has also sung Shake Me Wake Me from The Four Tops but got eliminated in the fourth round. She has auditioned for The Voice in the third season, and she did not give the show a watch before partaking. The first interview was an open call that was not televised, and it was held at Javits Center. She was driving there with her mother for the audition, and her car failed on the way. They had to leave their car behind and hitchhike through the path to get a taxi. Months after the initial audition, she received a call to notify that she had advanced to the second round. She sang Toxic from Britney Spears, praised by Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Ceelo Green. She chose Adam to be her mentor for the show.

Personal Life

Martinez has collaborated with Lime Crime Incorporated, a cosmetic company. She released a series of exclusive lipsticks such as Teddy Bear and Cry Baby. She has also released a fragrance commercial named Cry Baby Perfume Milk. The product was distributed from the record label of Martinez, and it became the first to ever do so. She identifies as bisexual and uses she and they pronouns.

Net Worth

Melanie Martinez has an approximate net worth is about 8 million dollars. She has earned this wealth from her singing, fragrance, and record label. She releases her albums from her own brand, and she also sells fragrances from the same brand.

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