Montreal is the name of the player. His actual name is not the same as the player’s name. He holds the nationality of Britain. He had made his career in the gaming platform, and he earned the name and fame from the gaming platform. He is the street and player in the FaZe Clan. He is an esports player and plays for different groups. He became the youngest player in Fortnite player. He is very well known as Mongraal.

Early Life

Montreal’s actual name is Kyle Jackson. He was taken down on this earth on 13th August 2004 in the land of the United Kingdom. From the childhood, he has been very much interested in gaming. He was raised and brought up in the land of Kent, which is present in England. In 2021, he became 21 years. He holds the star sign of Leo. Currently, he is going to school to pursue his education. The names and the identity of his parents are not known. At a very young age, he is getting all the popularity that he should get.


From an ordinary teenage boy to a famous social platform performer. When he got stardom, he was oy 13 years old. He was interviewed by the popular news Channel BBC in their career timeline. He was a member of the group of FaZe Clan. He concluded that he would quit the group on the 7thof July 2019. One of the controversies was made. As he was the youngest player on the platform, he was not allowed the play in the tournament, which Fortnite hosted. The tournament name was known as Summer skins. He was the Youngest player, that is why he wasn’t allowed to join the team. He mentioned that it was an unreasonable decision not to allow him to participate. In his career timing, he was interviewed by the BBC channel for being the youngest competitive Fortnite player. When he was asked about gaming, he said he was very interested in gaming. He started playing games when he was only nine years old. At that time, he played the games known as Halo and Calm of Duty. When asked about his school and how he managed his studies, he answered that he works well with gaming. He had started his editing course, giving the $500 giveaway. He provided this, who will complete the edited course quickly and early.

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Personal Life

The gamer is currently single and just more focused on his gaming platform. He is just a student managing well between his studies and his career. He got all the stardom and attention for his career choice at a very young age. 

Net Worth

He holds a total net worth of $1.5 million, which he had gained from the gaming platform and career choice on which he was working. 

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