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Social media monitoring refers to listening to what is said on the internet whether on social media sites or traditional publishers. Tools used for this purpose work by continuously crawling across different sites while indexing them. Once indexing is complete, the sites can be searched using search strings and queries to bring forth specific phrases and words for further analysis. In-depth analysis of the mentions obtained come in handy in creating and implementing successful business marketing campaigns.

The Focus of Marketing Campaigns

While conducting social media monitoring for marketing campaigns, you can either focus on brand (company) monitoring or industry/topic monitoring.

For the brand, you can monitor:

  • The brand name
  • Variations of the brand name
  • Brand name misspellings
  • Brand tagline, catchphrase, or slogan
  • Specific brand campaigns
  • Most visible and active members of the company

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From an industry or topic perspective, you can focus on:

  • Regularly used industry hashtags
  • Key industry words and phrases
  • Complementary key industry words and phrases

Creating Effective Marketing Campaigns

To create effective marketing campaigns, social media monitoring should pay attention to the following areas:


Before creating the marketing campaign, look at whether consumers are talking positively or negatively about your brand. This will guide you on which area you should focus on to create a more positive image for your brand.


Using past feedback from clients, you can formulate a marketing campaign addressing the main issues raised by customers for your product or service. The best way to find feedback is by focusing on casual conversations on social media sites.

Pain Points

If customers complain about similar pain points for your product or service, you can use this knowledge to create your next marketing campaign aimed at assuaging this pain point. If it is a problem affecting the whole industry, you can take this opportunity to give customers resources for solving the problem.


Business is all about keeping with current trends to meet customer demands. You can use social media monitoring to inform customers about how your brand’s service or product is keeping in line with industry trends.

Answering Questions

Your brand’s next marketing campaign can also use insights from monitoring to answer customers’ most frequent questions about the brand’s products or services. It can also focus on answering questions from the wider industry.

Sharing Content

Your brand can build on its own creativity by finding content to share with its audience by tapping into content types and topics shared over and over again. This helps in ensuring the brand remains relevant to audience needs and appetites.


For search engine optimization during marketing campaigns, your brand can keep track of those linking to it and target them for its products or services.


For your brand to nurture communication with fans, it can use monitoring to find advocates willing to talk about its products and services while spreading the word on how good your brand is.


Using monitoring, you can find influencers you can learn from for the success of your next marketing campaign by looking at the sort of content they post or what they are creating that people relate to.

Press Opportunities

To create your brand’s next marketing campaign, you can also pay attention to current areas being covered by journalists within the industry, and help them answer some questions they may have. This will give the brand press opportunities while informing the wider audience more about it.

What to Monitor after Running the Marketing Campaign

Social media monitoring can still be used to track the conversation for follow-up purposes after running a marketing campaign. You can create alerts to find more positive mentions for your brand’s products and services. Using words and phrases such as “recommend,” “suggest,” and “anyone,” your brand can find those looking for products and services similar to what it offers and target them to grow its business. Lastly, for blog content, your brand can also curate and link shareable content to its topic searches using words such as “infographic” among others.

About NetBase

NetBase is an award-winning social analytics company which offers real-time consumer data analysis using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for actionable insights aimed at driving a business forward. The company has helped many companies including leading global brands to boost campaign performance, maximize product launches, and protect brand health using social media monitoring. Its services have also helped these brands increase customer acquisition, lower costs associated with customer care, and improve crisis management when necessary.

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