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Thomas Matthew DeLonge is a multi-talented American singer, songwriter, record producer, musician, author, filmmaker, and actor. He has a fantastic talent for the nasal singing voice, and this makes him the lead guitarist and vocalist of Angels and Airwaves band. DeLonge formed this bank in 2005, and he was the co-founder, co-lead vocalist, and guitarist of rock band Blink-182.

Since his childhood, he has clinched skateboarding and played it while growing in the suburbs of California. After forming Blink-182, he founded Angels and Airwaves and released over five studio albums. This made it into an “art project” that involved different types of media.

Early Life

Tom DeLonge was born on 13th December 1975 in Poway, California. At the age of 11, he received a trumpet as his Christmas gift. Before thinking of his music career, he thought of becoming a firefighter and engaged in San Diego Cadet Program. DeLonge used to gather his mother, brother Shon and Sister Kari while presenting his songs as an audience.

In third grade, he began skateboarding that he consumed as an outside activity of the school. He used to skateboard all day long. He struggled with his parents because they fight a lot, and whenDeLonge turned 18, the couple divorced. He moved out of the house because his mother was jobless and had to start a new life.

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Career Beginnings

In 1992, DeLonge first began his band named Blink-182 that got successful. There was a competition named Battle of the Bands that was organized in his High school in which DeLonge participated and performed his original song. After some time, Drummer Scott Raynor began jam sessions and got shifted via numerous bassists.

That was the time when DeLonge wanted to be in a legitimate band, and some people even consider his passion for being as “never-ending whining and complaining.” His Band Blink-182 rose to fame by releasing the Enema of the State in 1999. The three singles “All Small Things,” “What’s My Age Again”and”Adam’s Song were released and become the best singles. 

In 2005, DeLonge was break-up from Blink-182, which made him go through a full reassessment of his concerns. He was hurt mentally, emotionally, and psychologically with the band’s dissolution and called it a disaster and traumatic experience. He avoided publicity at the time of the band’s dissolution, but further, he announced the Angels and Airwaves project that he promised to be the greatest band for a generation.

Personal Life

DeLonge was dating his high school friend Jennifer Jenkins in 1996. Both got married in Coronado, on 26th May 2001. At the reception, the most famous band performed and amazed everyone. DeLonge gave return gifts to every groomsmanwhoincludes silver yo-yos and Mark Hoppus. The things didn’t go well, and both filed for divorce in 2019. 

Net Worth

This amazing American record producer, entrepreneur, and musician’s estimated net worth is approximately $70 million.

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