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Benny Shabtai Net Worth

Benny Shabtai was one of the most talented and popular Israeli American businessmen. His full name is Yaakov Aharon Shabtai. Such a fantastic personality was born in 1939 in Tel Aviv. When it comes to his behavior, he was very gentle and behaved well with all human beings. This particular personality was goal-oriented and achieved plenty of prizes in terms of honor. Another thing is that he was the founder of Raymond USA and the president too until 2009. There are the majority of the folks who consider him as a role model because of his versatile personality.

Benny Shabtairaised with his beloved parents in a Kibbutz. For the same, he has two siblings. His nature was so co-operated with his workers. He has a great appearance in society and left memorable footprints on people’s hearts. He has done many great works in the course of his life. 

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What was Benny Shabtai done in his early life?

Here, let’s discuss some early life occupations of this particular personality for the one you are craving and waiting for. When the matter comes to Benny Shabtai’s early life, it is good to share with you that he dedicated three years of his life to the Israeli army. Later, this same personality joined the Israeli ambassador, France, where he did work as a bodyguard. Another thing is that over there, his beloved father was an envoy.

Moreover, after completed two years of living in Paris, he moved to South Africa, and there he worked at the Swazilandcasino. Lesser than two years later, such a personality again came back to Israel to joined the army during Yom Kippur War in 1973.

What about his business career?

The thing is that after the completion of his reserve duty in the Yom Kippur war. He then repositioned to the U.S and started work at the defunct Watch Company as an importer of economical watches from Hong Kong. Shabtai later became one of the best distributors of Raymond Weil watches. The thing is that when this particular person sold out the company after 33 years of working with the Swiss luxury watchmaker. Herewith his marketing acumen, he is attributed with growing Raymond Weil into a prestigious international brand.

Furthermore, he spread his business in other sectors when he became a strong and influential investor in real estate, technology, and industry. In February 2014, Shabtai’s company sold approximately $900 million of Viber. Another thing is that he faced many problems in a while building a successful life. With strong dedication, he makes his dreams come true. So, this is all about Benny Shabtai’s business career.

Personal life

When it comes to BennyShabtai’s personal life, he is divorced and had three babies. In 2015, he decided remarriage with Stacey Cooper. The thing is that with her, he lived a happy married life.

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